LEBON Is More Than Toothpaste, It's An Experience


By: Casha Doemland

Hailing from Grasse, France, the fragrance capital of the world, LEBON, a glamorous oral care brand, takes brushing your teeth to a whole new level.

Founded back in 2015 by husband-wife duo, Stephanie and Richard Le Bon set out to create a toothpaste that was not only healthy but delivered on taste and design. Between the sleek gold packaging and natural flavors inspired by sea, nature and culture around the world, LEBON hits the nail on the head by creating a unique experience that transcends the average all-natural toothpaste.

How is that possible you ask?

Simple, by having a toothpaste that is as tasty and fresh to brush with as it is striking to ogle at.


Sparked by the couple's travels, the newest collection, features “Sweet Extravagance (Rose-Orange Blossom-Mint), inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel, a beautiful, decadent pink hotel and Une Piscine à Antibes (Liquorice-Mint) inspired by the Pool of the Grand Hotel Du Cap Eden-Roc in Antibes - a place we used to go when we were living on the French Riviera,” shares Stephanie and Richard.

How do these iconic establishments transform into an elegant toothpaste?

For starters, you craft a design that reflects the purity and quality of the product with the luxury of the destination. To help bring that vision to life, Stephanie and Richard brought on Christophe Rémy, an artist with a background in luxury interior design, fashion and jewelry, to design the branding.

"He understood what the product stood for, and the aesthetic we were after, so he was able to create the packaging we have today," states the couple.

Together, the trio produced the creme de la creme of toothpaste packaging design. From the PEFC certified cardboard adorned with gold accents, a color to match the flavor and clean font to the identical recyclable tube, LEBON's design is très magnifique (and sustainable).

As for flavor, each toothpaste has a base of certified organic aloe vera and green tea as a natural way to prevent tooth decay and to protect the gums. That's right, no need for SLS, paraben, sulfates and fluoride. From there, the toothpaste is mixed with perfumed natural ingredients carefully curated by Stephanie and Richard to bring you a one-of-a-kind freshness.

Fellow all natural toothpaste like Dr. Bronner'sToms and David have yet to hit that level of flavor and that right there, is what makes LEBON so great – the innovation and dedication to go where so few all natural and organic toothpaste brands have gone before.


Let’s be real, that's all anyone wants out of toothpaste, to have a mouth feeling fresh without any harsh chemicals and LEBON does that seamlessly while maintaining unique, delicious flavors, sweet style and a whole lot of class.