5 Totally Awesome Refillable Products for Bath Time Fun


By: Casha Doemland

In a perfect world, all of our products would have biodegradable packaging and leave no trace of their existence. Unfortunately, we don't live in a plastic-free utopia and sometimes the easiest way to show Mother Earth a little love is by taking the extra step in your day to day to life.

For starters, be more cognizant of the products you purchase for your bathroom. Yes, all-natural products are wonderful, but chances are your shampoo bottle will end up living in a landfill or floating in the ocean for decades to come.

Here are 5 great refill options that protect you, your bathroom and the Earth from an overflow of plastic.


Plaine Products make all of their bottles out of aluminum, which is 100% recyclable like glass, only it won't shatter if you accidentally knock it over. Additionally, they're all about recycling their bottles and making it easy for consumers. Once your refill arrives in the mail, simply replace the lip with your pump and send the empty containers back in the same packaging. The postage is already paid for and the bottles are returned to the plant to be sanitized, refilled and shipped out.


Stop The Water While Using Me is an apothecary company with a cause—to help the Earth and those who inhabit it by promoting the use of less water and giving it to those in need. By purchasing a 2-liter refill canister, you're not only reducing the amount of plastic in your home, but you're donating to a great cause as 5% of proceeds go towards Good Water Projects. Once your canister is empty, mail it back and Stop The Water While Using Me will clean and refill them to complete the sustainability cycle.  



New Wash by Hairstory is an arm workout and hair washing Swiss Army knife with its all-natural, SLS-free shampoo and conditioner hybrid. Brought to you by the founder of Bumble and Bumble, the new formula requires deep DEEP massaging of the scalp and fewer washes. By joining the New Wash Club, you receive a refillable aluminum shampoo container, a 20-ounce New Wash pouch and a subscription service for refills. Simply choose how frequently you'd like to receive your products and wait for it to arrive on your front doorstep.


Founded 135 years ago, J.R. Watkins has been making high-quality products since well before you were just a twinkle in your parents' eyes.  As of 2007, J.R. Watkins introduced a non-toxic, plant-based line perfect for your home and the environment. To seal the deal, refills are available in 34-ounce pouches online or in store.


With products and refillable stations available internationally, Common Good sells reusable glass bottles you can refill with their eco-friendly products – all of which are made with sustainably-sourced raw materials. If you luck out, you may even run across a store that lets you use your own container to stock up on new product. While it’s not as convenient as having the refill shipped to your door, it’s better than stockpiling your bathroom, landfills and oceans with racks on racks of plastic tubes and bottles.