Stop Using Plastic Wrap and Get Some Bees Wraps Already

By: Casha Doemland

There’s a chance you might opt out of using plastic wrap, instead choosing aluminum foil for your leftovers and sack lunches because you're trying to do right by the environment.

Except, aluminum foil emits 12 tons of greenhouse gases and can take as long as 400 years to break down in a landfill. Plus, how many people actually take the time to rinse the aluminum foil for reuse and then recycle?  

Considering the impact both have on the environment, sustainable and planet-friendly alternatives, outside of reusable containers like Tupperware, have been created with the same seamless use in mind.  

And that’s where Bee's Wraps come in. Designed and crafted by Sarah Kaeck in her home in Vermont, these cute and eco-friendly wraps act just like aluminum foil and plastic cling wrap but are reusable for up to a year and do not require any harsh greenhouse gases to be made.

Bee's Wraps uses the warmth of your hands to form to the top of your bowl of leftovers, around the sandwich you packed for lunch, and even the freshly baked loaf of bread grandma made just for you.

"That warmth will naturally soften the beeswax in the wrap, making it easy to form into various shapes," says Kaeck. "When you remove your hands, the wrap cools and will hold its shape or seal. To clean, we recommend rinsing with cool or lukewarm water and then hanging to dry."

Bee's Wraps is made of four simple ingredients found in nature. "We use GOTs-certified organic cotton, which is infused with a mixture of sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin," states Kaeck. "It's really that simple."

For their initial packaging, Kaeck collaborated with Charleston design firm Stitch Design Co., but as time went on her vision changed and she brought on Carey Jane Stoudt to help bring those to life.

Now, each wrap is packaged in a cardboard container with a window, to show off the designs and add a quick pop of color, without being busy.

The designs for both wraps and packaging derive from Kaeck's walks through the woods, where she sketches her ideas on paper. From there, "I sit down with Carey and brainstorm for a couple of hours," adds Kaeck. "Carey then takes our ideas back to the studio, lets them brew and comes up with a view of her own before starting the drafts. We meet again and dial it down into the final product. "

Kaeck's newest wrap was inspired by the ecosystem of Vermont, from the maple buds and honey bees to the berries and bears.

To ensure Vermont's ecosystem remains beautiful and an inspiration to everyone, Bee's Wraps is completely compostable and ready to return to the Earth after a year of use. Don't have a composting bin? Not a problem. Save it for your next camping trip and use your Bee's Wrap as a natural fire starter. Either way, these wraps leave no trace and keep the planet clean.