Pantone Releases New TPG Sheets

By: Casha Doemland

Are you an interior designer stuck on a project because you can’t decide what shades would perfectly fit the space and the client’s needs?

Stress no more as Pantone, the world-renowned color experts for designers, manufacturers, retailers and even customers, has officially dropped Textile Paper – Green (TPG)  Sheets.

Printed on a full, standard sheet of lacquer coated paper, the new TPG Sheets are designed with you in mind. The larger scale of 8.5" x 11" makes it easier for you to compare shades, wrap swatches around products and even layer up if you're feeling multiple shades. If the sheets are too big, there's a dotted line on the back for 1" x 1" grids to help you scale down.

TPG Sheets are currently $15 USD and available in over 2,000 colors within the Pantone Fashion, Home and Interior (FHI) systems. According to the website, packaging includes a reminder to evaluate color only in the proper D65 lighting, for example in a light booth.

“The introduction of TPG Sheets is a direct result of our continued focus on delivering solutions that address designer needs,” states Adrián Fernández, Vice President and General Manager of Pantone in a press release.  “Designers, particularly those working on product, fashion accessories, beauty and other hard and soft home furnishings, rely on the FHI Color Guide and Color Specifier set to define and communicate color, but were previously lacking the versatility of larger formats of the TPG colors.”

Fernández goes on to say that, “TPG Sheets serve as a complementary extension of the FHI system and enable designers and production teams to effectively specify, communicate, and evaluate color throughout the dynamic product development workflow.”

Whether you're are an interior designer pondering decor and wall colors for a home, an artist eyeing paint colors for newest line of ceramics or a fashion designer scoping for fabric paint, Pantone's got you covered with their new TPG Sheets.