Luxerose Cocktail Collection Is Mixology Made Beautiful


By: Casha Doemland


It’s a late night, and you’ve got some vinyl on rotation as you gaze up at the ceiling talking about everything and nothing all at the same time, slowly falling in love with the person beside you. It’s terrifying, yet thrilling because falling in love for the first time is a rare moment you know you’ll remember for the rest of your life because first loves are the ones who teach you the definition of the word.

Or maybe you’re piled in a car with a bunch of your closest friends driving 2 hours to see your favorite musician play at a music festival you spent all year saving for. Energy is high, and as you sit there in the back seat, gazing at the smiling faces around you, you realize how grateful you are to be part of this moment.


These unforgettable and often life-altering moments are the ones that inspired Luxerose, a new company delivering ready to serve cocktails in style.

"These are the memories that help shape who we are," says Joyce Liu, marketing director of Luxerose. "We are devoted to unlocking those precious moments and collecting the footprints they left in us. So, we had mixologist, using their extraordinary taste buds and magical mixing power, tell such stories through our colorful and ever-changing cocktails."

Onfire Design Ltd, a design company that specializes in ideas served hot in New Zealand, was brought on to help tell the story via branding and packaging.

The goals for the packaging and branding were challenging but doable –  develop something attractive, unique, and difficult to duplicate, something easy to scale for flavors introduced in the future.

"A key design consideration while developing the visual was to blur the lines between high-end, premium alcohol and aspirational brands in cosmetic and lifestyle markets," starts Matt Grantham, creative director at Onfire. "To create anticipation and surprise in finding the brightly colored cocktails vials inside."

From there, the brief kicked off with the initial stages of collecting information on the current alcohol market and an audit of the brands catering to all tastes and occasions.


"At this stage, we noticed a growth in popularity of RTDs as a 'go-to' social drink was evident," says Grantham. "This gave us the insights to work with the client to develop an idea of a premium cocktail product which exploited the opportunity of a drink that was normally purchased OOH, at bar prices and tapped into growing trends of RTDS."

Now the question was, how do they create RTD packaging that the market has never seen? Eventually, they realized a 'bottle in a box' format would be a Cinderella fit.

"We always kept the focus on being memorable, fun and something that is irresistible and enticing to be picked up," shares Grantham. "This glass vials provided us a tall and slender liquid container that is ideal for single serve pours."

But the vials couldn't be packaged in just any box, so it was back to the drawing board. Over time, someone landed on a bespoke case that could serve as a keepsake after use.

As for branding and design, "the process was guided by the idea that this product should blur the lines between alcohol, high-end cosmetics and bespoke homewares. Luxerose is a name that covered all these areas without being specific and allowed multiple, luxurious meanings to be attached to it."

The vials, made of glass, featured gold embossed lettering for the number and the company name alongside a clean white font for the flavor. "Each cocktail had its own code number marked on the vial," begins Grantham. "Each cocktail launch will be individually available online where favorites can be purchased by the customer."

In the future, the cases designs will be inspired by a city and individuals will be able to collect them all, while customizing what flavor cocktails are inside.

Whether you're gifting it for a friend's 21st birthday, coming in for the save after a heartache, celebrating a bachelorette party or just kicking it on the beach, Luxerose is the ready-to-serve cocktail of your choice. All you have to do is twist open the lid, knock one pack and let the good times and good vibes roll.