Photo courtesy of @bunchmag

Photo courtesy of @bunchmag

With 2016 checking off its final days, it’s time to begin thinking about your goals and aspirations for the new year ahead. Here are ways to assist in designing your life and chasing your dreams full fledged.

  1. Write It Down
    A. Create a Checklist of Your Goals: Begin by determining what you would like to accomplish followed by the amount of time required and if there are any milestones to set. The goals can be done for any period of time, whether it’s short term for the months ahead or long term for your five-year plan. Statistics have shown that individuals who have written down their goals are more likely to accomplish them.
    B. Pen a Manifesto: Life Coach Leannah Lumauig defines a manifesto as “a document that outlines one’s intentions and goals, and covers all areas of personal and professional life. It is typically written in the perspective of future self, in such a way that the goals are already attained.” Be sure to be as detailed as possible! Once you have completed your manifesto, it is up to you to read it outloud at minimum once a day. By reading your goals aloud, you are not only holding yourself accountable for what you wish to achieve, you are speaking them into existence.

  2. Accountability Partners
    Once you have your list of goals in detail, create calendar invites or email the document over to a friend who will support you in every step to make sure you are meeting your commitments. This individual will not only help you stay on schedule, but will pose as a motivator and potential collaborator throughout the process.

  3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
    We have all heard the Neale Donald Walsch quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and he is not far off. A huge portion of launching your passion project, switching careers, taking time off to travel the world, etc etc begins with facing the uncomfortable feeling and fear of starting a new chapter. So I urge you to do one thing a week or month that scares you or makes you uncomfortable and then reflect on your growth as time passes.

  4. Find a Mentor or Seek Further Education
    If you are unsure of what steps to take in order to advance in the direction of your dreams, you may want to look into seeking further education or a obtaining a mentor. Keep in mind the education does not have to be formal for there are a variety of options from General Assembly workshops to weekend conferences and classes/programs available online.



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