A Plastic Planet Launches Worldwide Plastic Free Day on June 5th


The fact that plastic has done irreparable damage to our planet is not new news, especially with the release of National Geographic's Plastic or Planet campaign that was set to raise awareness about the plastic waste crisis, and revealed how only a shocking 9% of the plastic produced is recycled. A number that only holds more weight when you realize humans have produce 300 million tons of plastic annually around the world and an estimated seven million of that makes its way to the ocean.

As more of these statistics continue to rise and make their way into the mainstream media, companies, brands, and even countries are pressing for a change. It's proven by the Plastic Pact, an amendment of the 1992 Basel Convention, that was recently passed and signed by 186 countries – sans the United States. As a legally binding agreement, the pact strives to better regulate global trade in plastic waste in hopes to protect both our health and planet.

On a smaller scale, the European Parliament passed a law to ban single-use plastic by 2021 for all EU member states. New York banned single-use plastic bags, and Maine has banned Styrofoam food and beverage containers (which is freaking awesome considering it takes 500 years for a styrofoam cup to biodegrade).

Now, A Plastic Planet is asking you to join in on the efforts with a global Plastic Free Day on June 5th. All you have to do is post a photo of a product you wish wasn’t packed in plastic and post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the #OnePlasticFreeDay and allow the awareness to spread.

If you want to take it a step further, for these twenty-four hours, ditch your disposable coffee cups and opt to bring in one of your own (something you should do every day) and avoid takeaway by hitting the local farmers market and butcher to help you meal prep. Say no to the plastic bag at the grocery store, and opt for products that are naked, or packaged in aluminum, glass or paper.

If all goes well, you should consider taking a second pledge for Plastic Free July, and see how long you can make it without single-use plastic.