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Dive Into The World of Cricket Flour With Seek

Founded by Robyn Shapiro in 2016, Seek strives to normalize the consumption of crickets, and why wouldn't she? They've got a ton of protein and are high in Omega-3s, B12, iron and calcium. For the environmentally-concerned foodie, there’s an abundance of crickets in the world and their production doesn’t release anywhere near the number of greenhouse gases like cattle, sheep, pigs and even chickens.

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So You Want To Go Plastic-Free For July? Here Are A Few Tips.

Did you know that 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year? It's no wonder scientists estimate that by 2050 plastic will be more prevalent in our ocean than fish.

So, for the entire month of July, individuals around the world are pledging to go plastic-free to raise awareness for the amount of plastic waste on our planet, and maybe even to kick-start their plastic-free life.

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Starbucks To Go Strawless By 2020, Now Giving You An Adult Sippy Cup Lid

The urge to go strawless is not lost on anyone, nor is the impact that these non-recyclable bits of plastic have on the environment and those who inhabit it.

As of today, Starbucks, one of the heavy hitters for plastic straws, has pledged to replace their iconic green straws from its 28,000 stores with paper and compostable straws and strawless lids.

Sounds awesome, right?

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Kick Takeout To The Curb With These 5 Sustainable Lunch Container Alternatives

It's 100% easier to eat out for lunch than to take the time to make or prep yours, especially when you find yourself tangling with the snooze button and getting ready for work in the morning. But what about the amount of waste that comes with your takeout? More often than not, it's packaged in plastic or styrofoam, and that means more waste bound for a landfill.

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Parley for The Oceans and Adidas Launch A Line of Ocean Plastic Activewear

The amount of plastic living in our oceans is undoubtedly a hot topic of discussion. Cities and countries around the world are working towards creating laws and bans against single-use items. National Geographic released an entire vertical titled Planet vs. Plastic. Nonprofits dedicated to our oceans continue to speak up and put together clean-ups while seeking new ways to create change.

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