Keep Your Face Tight with Jalue's Ice Therapy


By: Casha Doemland

Want the glowing face of a supermodel, but can't afford weekly facials or luxurious, over the top serums?

All good, because there's an at-home remedy that requires little to no prep made with your budget in mind.  

Based on the ancient techniques of a Russian empress combined with modern day skincare secrets, comes Jalue, a personal care company based out of London dedicated to keeping your skin high and tight with the power of ice therapy.

“I was reading a biography about skincare founders in the early 1900s and mentioned to my husband that I wished I could do this one day, and he replied with a simple answer of ‘Why not?’” begins Jale Demirchi, founder of Jalue. “Within a week, I had resigned from my job, formed the company and was in the stages of coming up with a name.”

From there, Demirchi used her mother's skincare recipes, while also making them perfect for on-the-go use.

“Ice therapy is based on ancient Russian tradition of using ice on your skin,” starts Demirchi. “This tradition dates back to Queen Catherine the Great, as she was known to rub her face, neck and décolletage with ice every day to preserve her youthful looks.”

Eventually, herbs were added to the remedy to help fight the formation of wrinkles and to provide glowing, radiant skin.

How exactly does the power of ice mixed with herbs benefit your skin?

Well, ice is said to have many healing properties, with calming redness and inflammation being the most common. It is also known to increase circulation and get rid of bags. Think of the old beauty hack where you place a cold spoon under your eyes in the morning to get rid of the puff. By increasing the circulation, you're tightening up your skin and keeping the moisture locked in.


As far as herbs, different ones offer different remedies. For example,  Marigold and Chamomile are known to fight aging and reduce the sign of wrinkles. The herbs you choose to invest your money and time in will be largely dependant on your skin type and whatever skincare goals you're chasing.

Fortunately, Jalue's here to help ensure your skin is snapping back with their ice therapy kit, a seamless and straightforward remedy done in the comforts of your own home.

"It's basically like making tea at home," adds Demirchi.

Start by boiling one of the herbal sachets available in the kit in 100 mL of water.  Next, let it cool before pouring into the orange silicone container and then pop it in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours. After that, the product is ready for your face. Simply push the ice out from the bottom of the cone and apply it to your skin in circular motions without any added pressure for 1 to 2 minutes per section. To achieve the best results, include it in part of your daily beauty regimen.

Packaged with no synthetics, and using mostly cotton and recyclable paper, this company is not only doing wonders for your skin but wonders for the planet. In fact, all of the sachets are hand stitched with 100% cotton attached to ribbons made from paper that dissolves in water. If paper and cotton cannot be used, glass bottles and wooden tops take their place.


Sweety & Co. are the brilliant minds behind their modern yet minimalistic design that helped mix heritage and tradition with a clean aesthetic. The packaging features a pale pink, orange and white container with pops of blue and black text. Once you remove the colorful cover, there's a taupe box with 4 smaller boxes and the silicone container inside. It's chic, yet compact.

"We had tried 3 or 4 different companies before, but we're always disappointed with what they would deliver," shares Demirchi. "I found that everything in the design industry is quite subjective, and the designers will put their personality into what they're creating, sometimes a bit too much. Thankfully, our designers were quite the opposite!”


Demirchi is currently working on a duo of cream and balm, with a story she can't wait to share with the world.

So call up some of your best friends or family, or maybe just your significant other, and have a night dedicated to self-love where you slap on facemasks, shave your legs, watch cliche romcoms and have a couple laughs.