Gardening Made Easy with Piccolo


By: Casha Doemland

Spring is here and it’s time to break out your gardening gloves and get to work. Who’s ready to grow some Slim Jim Eggplants, Thai Pink Egg Tomatoes and Jimmy Nardello Sweet Peppers?

Lucky for you, Piccolo, an Italian-based company, has cultivated a variety of seeds for pot growing, which is perfect for all the city dwellers with an itch for gardening. By providing a unique assortment of vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers, you can form a potent mix of produce to create a full, yet compact garden on your balcony or fire escape. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a little more space to give, don’t worry, these seeds can thrive in plenty of soil as well.  


If that isn’t enough to sell you, the on-point packaging will. With the help of Here Design, Piccolo has achieved a level of packaging that is both informative and wonderful to look at.

“We were intrigued by the amazing range of Piccolo’s seeds as well as some of their incredible names and this got us thinking of each packet as a story with a book cover,” shares Caz Hildebrand, Creative Partner at Here Design. “The brand marque is based on a sieve, typically used for selecting seeds, and is created using dots, representing seeds.”


“All of the illustrations are also created from a series of dots, so they are literally built from seeds,” Caz adds. “The font used for all the text and brand marque is Larsseit, both factual and friendly.”

Packaged in thermo-sealed paper bags to assure the highest quality of germination, each set of seeds is then inserted into a slim, rectangular leaflet made of recyclable FSC paper.  

The leaflet has a cover page of colorful dots illustrating the vegetable, herb, fruit or flower at hand. Upon opening the packet, you'll discover 8 tips on sowing, growing, harvesting and even eating.

As great as the outcome is, this also proved to be the most challenging part of the project. “Creating clear instructions for planting and cultivating, relevant to anyone whether they have any previous gardening experience or not, and finding a cost-effective pack design to package the seeds while still having enough space for all that information,” adds Hildebrand.

They pulled it off stupendously.

Now, with the help of Here Design, Piccolo helps you celebrate the way “good things come in small packages.”  Who’s ready to get their urban gardening on?