5 Days Away! Are You Ready For Plastic Free July?

We’re only 5 days away from July 1st, which means you’ve got F I V E more days to solidify your kits and prepare for your plastic-free pledges. To those who are a little nervous, let me remind you that it's 100% okay to slip up and fail. The sheer fact that you've made a commitment to the planet at all is enough for a round of applause.

Nonetheless, I've compiled a list of excellent articles to help educate you on the plastic waste issues we're experiencing, as well as tips from fellow eco-friendly and low-waste living individuals.

Plastic Free July Tips

Pregaming for Plastic Free July (AKA Taking Inventory!)

If you read the introduction post, then you know this is my second year participating in Plastic Free July, and I'd say the first year I'm really in the right space to take it head-on. Without going into too much detail, I was a babe on a budget who couldn't find it in herself to justify the necessary expenses to do Plastic Free July right. I'd also just moved a few months prior and purchased a ton of things in bulk that made it hard to switch over. I mean, isn't the rule, use what you have first. Nonetheless, I failed spectacularly last year as far as cutting out all single-use plastic.

4 Easy Ways To Ditch Plastic & Prepare for Plastic Free July

At this point, you've hopefully already taken inventory of your home and determined the type of commitment you'd like to make next month for Plastic Free July. Now it's time to throw some money at the situation and get creative to build your very own Plastic Free Kits.

A Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Living (Ps, It Doesn’t Happen Overnight)

“We read stories about zero waste rock stars who haven’t produced trash in years (*cough* TIFT founder Lauren *cough*), but that’s just their highlight reel. Everyone who is zero waste had to start somewhere, and I bet they’ll tell you the same thing – it’s a process.

So if you’re any bit interested in living a zero or less waste lifestyle, here are some key things to keep in mind.”

9 Tips for a Successful Plastic Free July

Similar to the 4 tips above, 1MillionWomen provides a few more radical ideas to help prepare you for Plastic Free July.

Plastic Waste Articles


“The new study, published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances, is the first global analysis of all plastics ever made—and their fate. Of the 8.3 billion metric tons that has been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. Of that, only nine percent has been recycled. The vast majority—79 percent—is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter. Meaning: at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink.”

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

“The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is the largest of the five offshore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans. It is located halfway between Hawaii and California.”

The Oceans Are Drowning In Plastic — And No One’s Paying Attention

“Imagine an area 34 times the size of Manhattan. Now imagine it covered ankle-deep in plastic waste — piles of soda bottles and plastic bags, takeout containers by the mile, drinking straws as far as the eye can see. That’s a total of about 19 billion pounds of garbage. And according to one of the best estimates available, that’s how much plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year.”

Six Organizations Battling the Ocean Plastic Problem

“The plastic pollution problem may be out of control, especially in the ocean, but there’s numerous organizations dedicated to cleaning up our seas for future generations of surfers, swimmers, and ocean critters who may mistake a Gatorade bottle for a new hermit crab shell. Here’s a handful of ‘em, and remember to take a handful…of trash next time you’re at the beach.”

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