Wild Writing Pt. 2

Hello hello hello! I decided to make wild writing a weekly ordeal. Remember kids, the responses are just word vomited onto the page. I do not take time to revise or edit. It is all random and ready for your viewing pleasure, ha. So let's go!

Courage, dear heart.
— C.S. Lewis

Courage, dear heart are the words I spoke to myself prior to taking the leap to Los Angeles. The words I recited as I trekked out of my city and left the world of comfort I have built throughout time. Courage, dear heart are the words I spoke to myself as I boarded the plane to Bali and life as I know it would be changed forever. I returned with an insight that would greatly impact what was next to come. I gained knowledge, friendships and a sense of self during my trip. Courage, dear heart are the words I speak to myself before any great adventure, next step or simply something that scares the shit out of me. I use the words as a little bout of inspiration to push me to the next level, to encourage me to make that impulse decision or to make a decision I know in my heart is right; rather I am just not ready for the potential outcome. I don’t know, I could just be a rambling heap of nonsense but this is definitely what comes to my mind when I think about the above quote. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it a million more, life is short…shorter than any of us anticipate. So you have to grab life by the balls and do exactly what your heart desires. Maybe it’s my doe eyed nature, or maybe it is my wild heart. I have this kind of mentality where I impulsively or shamelessly go after what I want (I picked it up from a friend who always spits straight wisdom). I am curious to see where life takes me, and where my heart will travel. Will I always have this mentality or will the harshness of reality – folks we are out of time!

When the muse comes to your bedside, don’t tell her you’ll fuck her later.
— Allen Ginsberg

I honestly just really really REALLY dig this quote; it is kind of straight wisdom when you think about it. When inspiration comes a knocking, you best greet it with a warm smile and get down to business. Or at least that is my mentality. Anyone who knows me knows that when I get bit by the bug, I pull out my phone or notebook and have to jot everything down before it escapes me. I remember writing a whole blog post in google docs on my phone on a car ride home from a writing seminar. I could not focus on anything else until everything was perfectly expressed onto the page. Fun fact: that blog post received some of the best feedback.  If I am being frank, I often struggle with writer’s block when it comes to blog posts, more for the sheer fact that I do not know what to share. I think to myself, what does the reader want to read? What will provide a good bout of inspiration and what will just be unnecessary banter. Hell for all I know, publishing my wild writing could be one hundred percent unnecessary. Moral of the story kids, when inspiration hits you like a ton of bricks, listen to it. 

Accept yourself as you are.
— Osho

Every little flaw and bit that you do not favor is still lovely because it is a part of who you are dude. Accept and love yourself unconditionally because you're human; therefore you are imperfect and ever-changing. You are allowed to make mistakes and fuck up. You are allowed to be bummed out and struck by anger, sadness, or fear for the sheer fact that you are human! Accept yourself as the beautiful work in progress that you are. Embrace in what makes you, well you and celebrate the parts of yourself that you find totally rad and kick ass. Yes, we have hit the time where it is all good times, good vibes and are rolling deep into the inspiration station. It took me years to be comfortable within my own skin, and there are often times when I still struggle. Guess what? That's totally groovy. My greatest accomplishment is speaking my truth and being comfortable seeping my words into the universe. It has helped me grow tremendously. While it may not always be perceived well, I cannot think too far into it. I am going to throw kindness and love around like it is confetti. I am going to shamelessly say what I wish to say and ask what I wish to ask. I am going to embrace my impulsive behavior with both hands and greet the adventures of life as they come. Don't worry, I am not above criticism. I am young and have A LOT to learn. While the criticism may take me aback a little, I will definitely take it into consideration and make the changes I deem appropriate. Yet I also know that the way you wish I live my life does not always match up with how I wish to live my life. I want to travel the world endlessly and write about every minute of it (and also take hundreds of pictures because I am forever channeling my inner Asian tourist). - Damn, time is up and I was on a roll.


That's all folks! Have a kick ass week.