Where I'm going, I never know

Back at it again with the red vintage nikes! 

Back at it again with the red vintage nikes! 

Good afternoon world! I had a cardio intensive weekend mixed with Dodgers & Cubs love at Dodger Stadium. Friday night ended with the Cubs winning in the tenth inning AND fireworks to The Beatles; it was majestic as f*ck! Also, Paco singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame was amazeballs; never have I seen someone so enthusiastic and jazzed about it. Sunday's game on the other hand, ended with slight disappointment as the Cubs lost to the Dodgers by one run in the bottom of the eighth inning. Let’s just say the pep in my step was not as grand, while the pep in Chris' caused him to twerk in the bleachers, hah.  Other than that, my days were spent canvassing for the #UniqueLA Fall Market which is a totally rad event anyone in the area should attend. For anyone unfamiliar with the Unique Markets, it is a curated modern pop-up market featuring local designers/artists/creators taking place in DTLA. Your girl walked over twenty miles like a boss canvassing. I unfortunately did not hydrate like a boss and experienced severe cramps in my legs for three days, but all is well. You live and you learn right? 

Another hilarious and unfortunate experience - I decided to watch Don’t Breathe on the one night I had the house completely to myself. Dumb dumb! I’ll admit, I have a table reserved at the Weenie Hut Jr. after every horror movie I watch. I am all tough in theaters, but the moment I get home, its game over. I mean I tip toed downstairs, turned on all the lights leading in said direction, and then closed all the doors in the house en route to grabbing a drink of water (I closed the doors to ensure my safety; if someone was in the house, I would hear the door open – better yet, Dau would hear the door open and begin barking so I could prep myself for battle). After a little bit, I decided to phone a friend. I needed another individual in the house with me...to protect me. Lucky for me, my friend showed up twenty minutes later and crashed on an air mattress in my room; it was magnificent! I had  secured two protectors, haha. 

Outside of my weekend update, I am experiencing a bit of writer’s block and decided to hit you up with a little dose of wild writing. Enjoy champs!

Where I’m going, I never know...
— Benjamin Booker

A year ago, I sought control of the world around me. While I had my little bouts of impulsiveness, everything in my life was fairly organized. Now, I am a bit unsure of which direction my life is headed. All I know is my head is constantly floating in the clouds, day dreaming about what could be and how to make it happen. If I am being frank with you, it was not until I made the decision to move to California on impulse that I truly began to learn the importance of trusting in the universe. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not telling you to stop dead in your tracks and float through life. I am merely saying I choose to live my life on a less scheduled and strict calendar; I am learning to go with the flow and accept what is thrown at me. I stopped trying to plan my life for the next five years and reached a point where I can barely picture my life a year from now. I am not saying creating a life plan is a shit idea, I just got to the point where I could not enjoy the present because I was always planning for the future. I took it to from zero to one one hundred kids which made it difficult to enjoy life. Now, I have reached a point where I can milk up every moment of the present and build towards my future. There are definitely times when I doubt myself and the direction I am headed, but I know I am making the appropriate strides to get where I want to be. So, yeah where I am going, I cannot be certain. I am in California on a whim because I always wanted to live in the city of angels. I went to Bali for two months on a whim for a job and had a life changing experience. It is kind of wild how those two wildly impulsive decisions ended up being the two most influential choices I have ever made. I am constantly growing and transforming through the decisions I make and it is rad. My life could take me anywhere and I understand not every impulse decision will end well, but neither will every calculated decision.