When Inspiration Strikes

Saturday afternoon with little Dau.

Saturday afternoon with little Dau.

Good evening champs! I have had an wonderful and eventful three day weekend and I ready to crank out my weekly Monday blog post.  

Friday morning, I cruised down to the local DMV to receive my California driver’s license, which was a touch and go experience. Since I have not had a California license before, I had to take the written permit test. With nerves high, under pressure (sing in David Bowie’s voice) because my license was expiring in three weeks, I walked into the testing room and... PASSED with flying colors. I psyched myself out for no reason and danced my happy ass to the car.  When I arrived back at the house afterwards it was time to pack up Jenn’s office, load everything into the U-Haul and move it into the Unique Space downtown. WHOA buddy did I get my work out for the week as Paco and I trekked up and down flights of stairs with furniture in hand. With six hours ticked away on the clock and a successful move out of the way, we headed home for movies and straight chilling. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not buff by any stretch of the imagination so my body needed to rest the following morning as well. 

I began Saturday with a brief three mile jog and read the entirety of Milk and Honey down at the park with little Dau. Rupi Kaur is an incredibly talented writer! Each poem hit the heart strings in one form or fashion. In addition to her poetry, great tunes and a short film fueled the inspiration to enter the world of poetry again; which I will touch base on more shortly. After a chill afternoon between the park and the hammock, I thrift shopped like I have never thrift shopped before with Paco and Jenn, channeling my inner Macklemore by digging into bins with only twenty dollars in my pocket. It was a comical experience and I finally added to the tiny collection of clothing I call my closet. The night ended perfectly with delicious wings and nighttime cuddles from Dauphine. 

I greeted Sunday morning with giant pancakes and a few episodes of Arrested Development before trekking over to Long Beach with Chris. I had an awesome time and it was marvelous to be a part of a big family outing. There was nothing but laughter and love as we ate delicious lasagna and cruised down to the lighthouse to walk off all that we ate. Upon our arrival back to his cousin's house, he scarfed down a few more bites of lasagna we bid adieu to his family. We ended the evening with a film. Out of nowhere, halfway through said film I received inspiration to write poetry. The poetry is not much; if anything each is a brief quote which is totally groovy with me. I am just happy to have the inspiration back because it has been a couple months since I penned anything but blog posts and narratives. I am a little rusty at the moment, but you have to start somewhere right? 

If home is where the heart is,
my heart is scattered all across land and sea.
The only times I sleep through the night are when my limbs are intertwined with yours.
A lack of gratitude can shatter a heart,
For a life without kindness will tear the world apart.
My heart sank to the bottom of my f***ing shoes as the love in your heart dissipated and I became just another wandering soul.

I woke up this morning anticipating a day at the park with Dauphine, only to have a series of rad adventures through Los Feliz with Paco, Jenn and Sonja. We met for breakfast, where I indulged in more scrumptious pancakes (breakfast foods are obviously my favorite).  Then the day continued on with day drinking in drive bars, browsing through vintage shops and chowing down on yummy food a few more times. It was a grrrrreat way to spend the day if you ask me and I am happy rest easy with a little blogging and Netflix until I drift into a deep slumber.  

As always, keep on keepin' on champs!