What Is Love?

Good afternoon champs! It's Thursday and I'm still feeling feels about the eclipse.

The morning of the eclipse,  I masked in the beauty of the sun and the moon. Man oh man do I find the sky fascinating. Think about it: we are all tiny specks in a vast universe floating through time. Don't worry though, I won't fall into a rant about human life, but I would like to express gratitude to the sun, the moon and the stars and to their infinite beauty. So, thank you universe for your infinite beauty. 

Now, let's slide into some poetry. 

Backstory: I have been writing an article and I low key think this it is going to be the emotional death of me. There is so much digging in the darkest bits of my past in order to create a beautiful transformation that is my future. So, it's worth it 100%!

My new favorite song to write to is playing in the background and it instantly inspires me to spit magic or at least try to. 

let everything happen to you. beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final
— wynter (@crescentwynter)

here i am again
fiddling with the keys
searching for the words
to convey how i feel
hoping the magic will simply
spill from my fingertips
hoping one day soon
i'll have to the courage
to convey my thoughts
through my lips. 

I keep pouring my whole life in you...
— Michl

what is love?

this a question i often seek to define, yet the words never seem to hold up to the feeling. 
but if i had to define it, this is what i would say:

love is waking up next you,
with your pure sweet sweet smile
a gentle kiss
and your arms pulling me in closer. 
it's the eruption of tingles
throughout my entire body
when you hold me.
it's the melody of your laughter
singing it's tune in my ear
and the ache in my heart
when a tear rolls down your cheek. 
it's the want to share everything
with you first
no matter how mundane the news. 
it's the excitement
and the butterflies.
it's the fascination
as you speak about your passions.
it's the curiosity to learn more,
to seek the answers of who you are
and how you came to be. 
it's compassion and kindness
throughout your struggle
and the support to help you
keep moving forward. 
it's the tug of your soul on mine
and the necessity
to see this through. 
because the feelings i have for you
i have yet to feel towards anyone else.
because i love you

*necessity isn't the right term, but I can't think of a better way to form that line and I mustn't overthink it. 

Keep on keepin on'

p.s. I always love to hear feedback on everything I pen, especially the poetry. So totally feel free to drop a line below in the comment section or to shoot me a message. You da best!


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