Viva Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! It is a marvelous day in Culver City and I am late with my weekly blog post as Monday kind of slipped through my fingertips altogether. Not to worry though, I have enough information in my noggin to power through two posts this week. Where oh where do I begin though? 

Let’s start with a quick little synopsis of my weekend extravaganza. Thursday evening after work I cruised over to Las Vegas to spend a few days with Bryce and Antonio. Man oh man did we pack a lot of adventure into those three days. I doubled my money in the casinos, ate a handful of sand at Seven Magic Mountains and saw the man of my dreams perform front row and center at Life is Beautiful. Seriously, Leon Bridges has a voice that could soothe any soul and dance moves to match; the combination causes men and women to go weak in the knees. It is a scientific fact kidos. If his album was not swoon worthy enough for you, his cover of Pony is sure to take it home. I recommend you look it up on Youtube! 

I danced endlessly to The Naked and Famous, Oh Wonder, The Wombats and more. With each act, my dance moves became goofier and my level of shame reached an all time low; I simply became entranced by the music and the vibes around me. 

PLUS I saw Rupaul Charles give a tear jerking speech. He is truly an inspiration and his twenty minute speech forever changed the souls of many individuals in the crowd. You could feel it by the sheer ambiance; it was a one of kind experience and I am beyond grateful I was able to witness it firsthand. 

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love someone else?
— Rupaul

The weekend was the perfect combination of shameless dancing, great music, delicious food (Korean BBQ is cheaper in Las Vegas and just as tasty) and balls to the wall amazing vibes. I even busted a few dance moves in a hula hoop, just a secret hidden talent… no big deal ha.  I could not get Bryce and Antonio to join in for the life of me, no matter how hard I busted my wicked sweet moves. 

The icing on top of the cake was a little moment, but the little moments in life often hold the greatest value. Right as the clock struck midnight on my birthday, Antonio popped a bottle of champagne, lit birthday candles and my family from Georgia facetimed me. All together we sang happy birthday (I have a twin remember) and I made a wish prior to blowing out my candles. You are never too old for birthday wishes champs!

With all that being said, I would just like to say a big thank you to Bryce and Antonio! You made my first birthday away from home one to remember. I am so so so so so so so grateful for the two of you (and Louie of course).

Additionally, I am beyond grateful for all the love I received the past few days; it was more than enough to sink the ship my homesick sadness was floating in. Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes and the love. 

Life is Beautiful- on a super sunny day

Life is Beautiful- on a super sunny day

Now to get a little serious, I have created a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year of my life. I often find myself talking and creating ideas, but not properly executing said ideas. By posting it on my blog post, I have made my goals public and created a sense of accountability. So here it goes champs! Some of the aspirations are quite big, but I believe anything can be accomplished if you work hard and take the proper strides. 

Backpack South East Asia
Write 1-2 Blog posts a week for a year
Write 1 poem everyday for a year
Road trip up the western coast
Learn to surf
Run a half marathon
Rock climb at a V5 level at minimum
Become a published writer- whether it is writing freelance articles or having my poetry featured
Begin my passion project

Twenty three will be a year of execution. I have already taken a few large leaps of faith, it is time to continue the trend. 

Keep on keepin' on champs. 


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