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I cannot take photos with a straight face; there is almost always a crinkle in my nose and a large smile.

I cannot take photos with a straight face; there is almost always a crinkle in my nose and a large smile.

One, two and a good morning to you! And yes, this greeting is a newfound favorite thank you for asking. It is Monday morning and majority of us are headed back to the grind, if you're not champs then power to you. Treat yourself on this fine day. I would personally love to be floating through the ocean right about now. 

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of volunteering with Unique for their first ever Fall Market and whoa baby was it a swell time. For those unfamiliar with Unique Markets, it is a modern pop-up market dedicated to local designers/artists/makers. 

Friday was all about greeting the vendors and setting up for the big day! I was a tid bit out of it as the past two evenings were spent canvassing around Silver Lake and Venice. I am beyond grateful for Chris for helping me out the second time around. Team work does indeed make the dream work. Fun fact: Canvassing is a great work out kids. You really do log in the miles when you power walk for hours on end.

Saturday and Sunday, I divided my time between checking in shoppers, greeting with a “Hello, right this way” at the top of the elevators on the tenth floor and running Unique’s Instagram. I did not realize how much I do not like sound of my own voice was until I heard it over and over again on social media, haha. All is well though because it gave me the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the sweetest and most talented individuals. I rocked my huge smile (because we all know how large and in charge it can be) and continued my mantra of good times and good vibes as I maneuvered my way throughout the space. 

White Cotton Rose wrote me a bad ass poem, which I positively adore. 

"A teal tounge
bright lips
warm smle
moving to a groovy beat.
the waves on shore
and a unique melody
to match
her pulsing heart,
wildly alive in a dreamland - 
or is it a reality.
gee whiz, -
maybe both."

GoodJuJu Apothecary brought me back to life with a three minute massage. 

Deuvo reserved me a slice of their homemade apple pie and man oh man did it hit the spot. I am seriously down for an apple pie over a birthday cake this year, let's get it poppin’. 

For Better, For Worse served up realness with their collection of t-shirts. Each t-shirt purchased this past weekend gave two grocery bags to a child in need. 

Oh! Snap Studios allowed me to prove there was no shame in my game as I suited up in my outfits to pose for the camera.  

I even purchased a rad antique key bracelet from The Key Historic. Fun fact: I have not worn a piece of jewelry in years, so this was a big deal for me champs. 

Overall, I had a grand ole time. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have been given and I look forward to the madness the holiday market will bring.

Keep on keepin’ on champs. 

No shame in my Oh!Snaps Studio game

No shame in my Oh!Snaps Studio game