The Next Cycle Around The Sun

Photo courtesy of  @strutz

Photo courtesy of @strutz

Good evening beautiful world. 

I've started my next cycle around the sun and I thought I'd kick the year off right with a reflection and gratitude on my twenty-third year. 

Let's dive right in, shall we? I'm thinking twenty-four reflections for my twenty-fourth year. 

One. Moving to Los Angeles has been one of the hardest journeys thus far, but also one most rewarding. 

Two. I took the plunge to chase a dream and now I can officially call myself a writer. 

Three. I left fear behind (not all of it, but enough of it to stop impeding my future). 

Four. I learned the importance of self-love in every way of the phrase. 

Five. I created a community within the City of Angels and it's kind of the greatest thing ever. I am grateful for all of my beautiful friends in this gloriously vast city. 

Six. I joined a climbing gym (which seems eh), but I had a wicked fear of heights when I started. So, go me! Additionally, I've started working out six days a week and have a new found energy. I am also proud of myself for listening to my body and giving it the love and nutrients it deserves instead of falling into old habits. 

Seven. I traveled. I saw two of my favorite humans get married in Thailand and spent seven remarkable days with my family in Hawaii. I drove to new destinations within California, from Big Sur to Kelso Sand Dunes. I booked a trip to Paris with my love (we leave next week) and I'm no longer letting money scare me. 

Sidenote: this is much harder than I thought it would be.

Eight. I allowed myself to step way out of my comfort zone and fall in love with a beautiful stranger. Nine months later and we're still kicking it! I also realized that relationships are not measured by time but caliber. The love I have for and with him is unlike anything I've experienced before. I look forward to a year of adventures with him by my side. 

Nine. I learned to surf! Granted I haven't stepped on a surfboard since, but I knocked the item off of my bucket list and plan to continue my lessons soon. 

Ten.  I became independent - something I don't give myself enough credit for. 

Eleven. I learned to say no and the true value of my time. 

Twelve. I started meditating and it's changed my life. 

Thirteen. I am grateful for my parents, always. I speak with them at least once every day whether it's on the phone or via text. They are nothing but supportive and I am constantly inspired by their love. 

Fourteen. I attended CAMP, a four-day technology-free retreat, where I met some of the most amazing humans and totally let my guard down. Note: I am the definition of an introvert so spending 4 days nonstop in the mountains proved to be difficult at times, but I powered through. 

Fifteen. My words hold value and my feelings are valid always. It's odd how a complete stranger can influence a whole new way of seeing yourself. I am forever grateful for that moment. 

Sixteen. I stepped into the world of poetry again. I don't write often, but I definitely have nights where the words effortlessly flow from my fingertips. I'd love to publish a collection next year. 

Seventeen. I didn't read as many books as I would have liked to. I'd love to read a minimum of one a month from here on out. I did, however, get lost in endless amounts of poetry. 

Eighteen. I didn't reach all of the goals I had set for myself this year i.e. living in my own studio apartment or being publishing in 10 publications, but I did travel, reduce my debt and bump my savings. I will pen this year's goals in another post. 

Nineteen. I only got three tattoos. I got a ghost from my favorite artists in Atlanta and two small $10 tattoos from an event (one is a crescent moon and the other is Saturn - both are smaller than a dime). I'd still like to cover more of my body. I'd just rather spend my money on experiences. 

Twenty.  I attended protests and found my voice. I actively fought for causes I believe(d) in and created a series to help share stories of those affected. 

Twenty-One. I said goodbye to relationships that no longer serve me. As an individual who is overly compassionate, it took a lot to create the distance or to outright say the relationship was impeding my growth/giving my anxiety/etc. I learned that it is not selfish to put your wants/needs first sometimes. 

Twenty-Two. I developed a deep connection to mother earth. 

Twenty-Three.  I gave myself permission to be authentic, always. 

Twenty-Four. I am grateful for every moment, positive or negative because it helped me flourish. 

Keep on keepin' on. 



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