Thaim to Party!

somewhere over russia

somewhere over russia

Good evening champs! It has been a month exactly since my last post and for that, I apologize. My life has been a little chaotic and I have been caught up penning articles for publications or pitching pieces that I just haven’t had the headspace to write anything personal or at least articulate a full post before throwing in the towel. So here it goes!

It's eight o' clock on a Tuesday evening and the house is silent as Paco and Jenn are in Thailand for another week and sweet Dau is sleeping on my bed behind me. Normally the eerie nature of the house and stillness would creep me out, but it's actually kind of lovely at the moment. It's not often I write in complete silence as I am now, so I am going to do my best to savor it. Although, sleeping tonight will prove to be a challenge as I am jet lagged and not a fan of empty spaces (the monsters I was scared of as a child will come to light in my imagination in a few hours).

Let's backtrack about a week or so and I will give you a glimpse at my adventure! 

It is February 25th and I am running around Los Angeles with Jenn trying to collect the final items on what appears to be our neverending list. My favorite part of the adventure was wearing our neck pillows in marshalls for close to twenty minutes. We end up calling it quits around dinner time and as I go to pack my bag, I discover my load of laundry is still quite damp in the dryer (that is what I get for trying to do everything at once and waiting until the last minute kids). All is well though because it gives me the time to catch up with Paco as she has returned from Field Trip early and this is our last night together before we meet across the globe. 

The dryer eventually beeps loudly to let me know my clothes are finally ready for me and I start sorting through everything I think I will need. Lucky for me, I have Jenn to assist! Once my clothes are packed in the duffle, I am able to fill in the cracks with swag items for the welcome bags. I give my love to my three favorites and bid a farewell as I cruise on over to Jack's where he was finalizing his list of shit to pack. 

Next thing I know it is six in the morning and it is time to head to the airport to meet Anne, our third travel companion. The first leg of our flight is thirteen hours as we trek all the way to Beijing, which isn't as awful as it sounds. We are given two meals, racks on rolling racks of beverages, in-flight entertainment and plenty of time to take a nap or fall into a deep slumber if you are lucky. The layover is brief and somewhat delayed although the staff lacks communication to let us know, ha. Normally a delay isn't the end of the world, but our mission for the remainder of the evening was to stay awake to help reset our internal clocks. AND you bet your sweet ass I fell asleep as soon as the cabin lights turned off! Jack kept trying to wake me and I kept brushing him off like a fly on a cupcake. 

We arrived in Bangkok at one o' clock in the morning and did not get to the hotel until close to three. With only two full days to explore the city, we agreed to meet around nine to receive a little bit of rest. The first day was spent running through palaces and being awestruck by the beauty that surrounded us because I can assure you there is nothing quite as exquisite here in the states (if there is, please email me so . We ventured through markets, rode on long boats and tuk-tuks and ate as much food as our little stomachs could handle. I called it a night as Anne and Jack headed for a cocktail because the lack of sleep was starting to overcome me and I desperately needed to lay horizontal. I mean as soon as my body hit the sheets I was out cold, good night!

The next morning came all too quickly and I greeted the day at six, as I usually do in a new city. We met Anne for breakfast and took a stroll with her around the park before we parted ways. Anne had a day filled with museums and shopping, while Jack and I decided to rent a scooter (yes a scooter and not a motorcycle). I won't lie to you kids, I saw my life flash before my eyes a few times and a car most definitely tapped my foot in traffic at one point, haha. All good though! We spent the day shopping at local markets and I got to view Bangkok from the highest hotel in the city, something I did not even know one could do. We spent our evening surrounded by backpackers around the world and great grub served by locals. Bangkok was a success, a frantic and ever so busy success. 

With an early flight to Krabi the next day, we decided to hit the hay early only to be woken up by an alarm at four-thirty. We lazily rolled ourselves out of bed and stumbled into a cab. Anne and Jack flew through the airport as we knew there were two warm faces waiting for us on the other side. As I slowly made my way to the gate, I saw hugs and smiles everywhere and we were reunited with Paco and Jenn, the happy couple. The flight from Bangkok to Krabi was about an hour, followed by a twenty-minute bus ride to a dock and a fifteen-minute long boat ride to views one could only dream of. 

Now we are getting to the good stuff champs!

Twelve individuals, filled with love and great vibes, had all trekked to this paradise across the world to help celebrate a one of a kind love with two very special individuals. The next three days were spent getting to know one another, island hopping, scuba diving, cracking jokes, dining on fine Thai food and of course love. Jack and I even got the opportunity to climb on some limestone, which I could tell changed the entire game for him. I do not think I saw him smile quite so big the entire trip as I did when he returned safely to the ground after a climb.  Your girl even managed to make it to the top of the highest climb, ha. Only took giving up and begging to come down to safety once before I got peer pressured into trying maybe I can't take all the credit haha. 

Then Saturday evening greeted us oh so very quickly and the next thing I know I am tossing on my peach dress and trying to do my hair in the tropical humidity. Apparently I was a fiesty one walking to the beach, but I couldn't help it man. I did not want to be late for this! Little did I know we would be the first ones to arrive and everyone else would be late, ha. Between the opening song to Jenna's kind words and then Paco and Jenn's vows, there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Even if you wished to keep your cool, there was no possible way kids haha. After the ceremony, we all grabbed photos with the happy couple before heading over to cocktail hour. There we witnessed monkeys get shot at with slingshots, which is actually not as inhumane as it sounds. After cocktail hour, we headed back to the grotto for dinner on the beach. Anne delivered her lady of honor speech and we held a toast! Shaun and I tapped at our glasses like a couple of aunties to get the couple to kiss. We witnessed a mind blowing fire show and whoa baby was that exhilarating (yes, I do love fire). We watched the couple cut the cake and Jenn say, "Do not! This is silk" as Paco went to smash a small piece in her face. We enjoyed remarkable food in great company and when it was time to say goodbye, everyone was a little bit bummed. Jack, Anne and I bid our farewells until Los Angeles as we had an early flight back to Bangkok in the morning. 

Sunday is a bit of a blur as I felt insanely ill and spent most of it sleeping in a hotel room with Anne while Jack ventured through Chatuchak Market. I did my best to power through like a champ, but my body could not hang and I almost broke out into tears. Fun fact: I am not one to complain about being sick, I have worked a twelve-hour shift on the flu. So if I tell you I do not feel well, it's nothing to take lightly. 

We flew home early on Monday and somewhere after the first flight, Jack became insanely ill and vomited once an hour for six. It reached a point I did not think it would; the point where the flight attendants made an announcement that we had a passenger who needed urgent care and she told me she would speak to the captain if necessary. I felt like I was in the Chinese version of Grey's Anatomy kids! Luckily, he was able to sleep for the remaining eight hours and we spent the rest of the day resting once we got home. 

I apologize if my recall was brief, I will be sure to dive deeper into details as I write more about the trip in the future. Additionally, I am waiting for photographs from my professional photographer, ha.  I just had to give you guys a quick little synopsis of the events while everything was still fresh-ish. 

Thailand treated me well and I look forward to my next adventure in Asia!

Keep on keepin' on!