Strip Strip Hooray

My only picture from the evening- thank you Vanessa!

My only picture from the evening- thank you Vanessa!


The third and final birthday shenanigan occurred Thursday night and whoa baby was it a grand ole time. Let me bring it on back for you kids.

The evening began around five o'clock when I left the office and belted Alicia Keys all the way to Terrance’s apartment (why yes I am tone deaf and right-o again, it does not stop me from singing my heart out); from there we went on to meet Paco and Jenn before heading over to USC for an evening of poetry with Rupi Kaur. Little did we know the line would wrap around both sides of the building so early on and we would not be granted access to the reading. Not to worry through, there was a beautiful upside to the slight turn of events - more friends to add to the evening’s festivities. 

I decided to reschedule the dinner from nine to seven thirty, only to actually arrive around eight. There was no pressure to arrive on time though, rather let everyone come and goes as they please. The restaurant had the perfect set-up of great food, delicious dessert and a full bar. I sipped on a cocktail titled “apple bottom jeans”, made of fresh watermelon juice and vodka and enjoyed the company around me. It was beyond marvelous and heartwarming to see the little community I had formed in Los Angeles altogether in one place and getting along swimmingly.  Once everyone had finally arrived, I gave a little speech and channeled my inner master of cheese. I don’t remember the speech verbatim, but I do remember there was a huge focus on gratitude. 

Around ten, we decide to move the party on over to Cheetahs. For those of you unfamiliar with the title, it is a female strip club or gentleman's club to be proper, located off of Sunset. With front row seats, a drink and plenty of ones the night commenced. Man oh man did I sit there in awe as these gorgeous and beyond talented women worked the stage. Seriously, a round of applause for all the hard work these women give night after night. There is more to it than just dancing on a pole ladies and gentleman; it is art form of its own. I am still trying to wrap my head around how one makes her ass clap, so freaking impressed. 

About half way through the night, my lovely group of homies picked out a lady for a lap dance. Here is where I experienced the best line of the night, “I am so glad you don’t have a dick that’s going to poke me in the ass.” Talk about charming, haha. It was a sweet and sexy experience; I even hugged her on my way out. Strippers deserve lots of love too! 

When everyone ran out of singles, we finished sipping our drinks and called it a night. Natalie was kind enough to drive us home. I said my farewells and quickly hit the sheets. For the rest of the night there was nothing but zzz’s. 

Overall, my birthday celebrations were a roaring success and once again, I am so so SO grateful to all of my homies on the west coast for showing me lots of love and adventure. 

Keep on keepin’ on everybody!