Straight Poetry


Good evening champs, it's 11 o' clock in the pm and Jack is currently sweeping his loft. I wish I got a photo of him bringing the vacuum up the ladder because that was a hilarious view. Anyways, we spent the bulk of our day puzzling our asses off and I am proud to announce we finished in record time kids. Now it is time to crank this blog post out in the same fashion because I'm ready to go to bed. 

I'm going to dedicate today's post to poetry. 

The opportunity to love you is worth the risk of losing you. -c.doemland

The universe brought us together to help us blossom into the people we were always meant to become. -c.doemland

There is a world buried beneath the surface of your eyes,
Too timid to face the world
Yet too keen to compromise.

You spend so much time seeking comfort in others,
You failed to realize you are your home,
Your body, your mind and your soul
Are the only things you will ever truly own... 

Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure. -Bob Marley

People like us don’t say much,
Not because we have nothing to say,
Our minds are constantly coming up with things and keeping thoughts at bay,
Because if we were to really speak our minds, we could go on for days.

People like us escape cities and bright lights just to catch the sunrise,
We are up for that quiet, long drive that you might want to have after a bad day,
You don’t need to fill the silences with words for we are alright with your cries and sighs,
There’s no need to worry about not having anything to say.

People like us could ride a train all day,
Watching the way people rush to be someplace else,
Listening to the way people sigh when it rains and when the wind makes the trees sway
All the while thinking about the things we will say to you if you were here.

People like us notice the things that you do when you think no one is watching,
The way you flip your hair every few minutes because you think it’s messed up,
The way you eat a spoonful of peanut butter straight out of the jar,
The way you twitch in your sleep and that one time when you broke your favorite cup.

People like us don’t mind going the distance,
When you call and tell us that you need us to be there,
We will ditch everything else and come to you without much hesitation,
Just wait for a text that says, “meet me at the bus station.”

People like us will always remember the love that you have given us,
Like an elephant that never forgets its child,
We remember the first time we saw you in the school bus,
And how your crooked smile drove us wild.

People like us spend so much time on writing, they say.
“Get out and meet more people.”, they’ll tell us,
Because the world needs people that speak up, loud and all the way,
Not people like us that pour our feelings into poetry at the last row of the bus.
Vivian Tyee

Keep on keepin' on champs!

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