Prodigal Peach Returns

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Good morning champions!

It is a chilly morning in the peach state and whoa baby does it feel lovely to be back. I am currently chilling in the living room with my dad and twin enjoying a few movies as we wait for the rest of the family to come home from work. That is when the real festivities begin!

For as long as I can remember, we have made Christmas Eve aka my dad’s birthday the day for celebration. With a delicious dinner prepared, board games (usually always monopoly) and presents to be exchanged and unwrapped at midnight, it is a day filled with festive activities. Christmas is a merely another day where we just kick back, relax and stuff our faces with leftovers. Occasionally we head over to my godfather’s house, which is always a good time.  

Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s back track a wee bit! The past week has been filled to the rim with adventure, laughter and love (which sounds like a cliché hallmark card haha). I arrived early early on Sunday morning in need of lunch, a nap and a toothbrush. The first day was fairly chill as I was sleep deprived and delusional, but not to worry for the days to follow were well worth the day glued to my parents’ couch. I am going to break it down with the highlights of each day.

Are you ready peaches?

Monday morning I begged my twin to take me to my favorite place in all of Atlanta, Oakland Cemetery.  I have always had a fascination with cemeteries and their hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Before I moved to LA, I would cruise out to Oakland at least once a month to walk the grounds or relax on a bench clearing my thoughts or penning poetry. Katrina and I spent about half an hour there before the cold broke me down because let's face it champs; your girl is a baby back bitch when it comes to cold weather and is spoiled by the sunny warm weather in LA.

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Tuesday evening, I finally watched Rouge One and much to my amazement, it was excellent. For anyone who may be new, Star Wars is one of strong obsessions; so much so I have two Star Wars tattoos and a Lego Death Star and Millennium Falcon chilling in my room. From the characters to the plot to the execution, tres magnifique! K2SO may or may not have been my favorite droid due to the zero level of chill and straight sass emitting from his mechanical body. 

Wednesday consisted of Christmas shopping, hibachi dinners and an evening spent beneath the stars surrounded by my favorite ladies! It was kind of perfect if you ask me. Courtney had put together a whole little bonfire for me so I could see all of my favorite people in one place; thank you thank you once again love! We ate stacks on stacks of s'mores, kicked back a bottle of wine and just let down our walls as we shared stories and laughed endlessly. Nights like that definitely make me miss Georgia a little bit more. 

Thursday morning is when the real exhilarating adventure began as my father taught me how to shoot a gun at the Georgia Gun Club.  I won't lie to you, the moment I stepped in the range my heart picked up its pace and I did not know if I was going to be able to do it. I remember the first time I placed the gun in my hand; I just stood there for a few moments debating on if I was going to back out or fire one out, ha. I eventually pulled the trigger and holy guacamole was it an invigorating feeling; not to mention my on point aim, ha. I shot a Glock 43 .9mm, which had a little kick that bruised part of my hand, and a M&P .22 which was easier to handle. Fun fact: I am left eye dominant when I need to be right eye dominant. As a result, I have to place a sticker over my eye to help train it. It was a good laugh that definitely improved my aim.

Friday afternoon and early evening was spent at Live Free Tattoo with Miguel, which was such a treat. I received two friendly sheet ghosts in one and a lovely afternoon of catching up. The tattoo is beyond gorgeous as always! I did make a few faces towards the end as the shading began to feel like fire ha. Not to worry though, I finished strong with a large smile on my face as he successfully added another piece to the gorgeous collection he has growing on my legs. After my tattoo, I cruised back to Lawrenceville where I met Miranda and my favorite twins for margaritas.

Man oh man, how I missed the simple pleasures of meeting your favorite people for drinks on random evenings. Moments like this definitely make me experience a little bit of FOMO, haha. Overall, the first week was most excellent and I look forward to remainder of my days before trekking back to LA on Thursday. 

Happy Ho Ho Holidays + Keep on keepin' on!

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