Oh, Bali

Well champions, two months have come and gone, rather quickly if you ask me. I am currently writing this to you on one of my last nights in Bali. Man oh man has the past two months been a journey and a blessing.  I learned a lot... about myself, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, about other people and you know the world. I compiled a list of items throughout my stay and thought it may be nifty to share it with you all. Most of the items appear to be common sense, but you would be surprised how easy it can slip your mind. Plus being aware of something and living it out are two completely different things.

Now are you ready for the good stuff?

Affirmations are not silly and have the power to transform your thoughts. Repeating sentences like “I am worthy to be where I am. I am a badass. I am… whatever you want to insert here because all is attainable” can greatly impact your attitude for the days when you are feeling low and like absolute shit.  

My words hold value. The words I write and speak into the universe are valid and are worthy of being shared. While it is simple, it may be my greatest accomplishment in Bali.

It is not my job to serve and nurture those who do nothing but drain me or create a negative impact on my well-being. Most importantly, I am not a terrible person or a quitter for walking away from said individuals. I guess most importantly, becoming comfortable with saying that statement. I cannot fix or help everyone; I have to take care of myself as I would anyone else.

My age does not define me.  There is a world within me that has no direct correlation to the number of the years I have walked this Earth.

Writing is 100% my passion in life, without a doubt.

Having a life coach is a remarkable, life-changing experience and something I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

My anxiety is only a small fraction of who I am and while it overpowers me sometimes, there are ways to combat it. According to my lovely reiki healer, I have to create balance and trust that the universe will take of care me. I have to stop seeking control, go with the flow and allow life to just happen sometimes. Additionally, a friend told me to express my thoughts, to speak my peace and it will in turn alleviate some of the anxiety. I am grateful for both individuals!

I am going to succeed. How do I know that you ask? Because I am crazy enough to think that I can.  You know what, scratch that. I know that I can. I will go after the impossible for it is attainable. I will chase my dreams as wild and crazy as they may seem, taking the proper precautions and strides. Sometimes just taking a leap of faith and hoping the universe is there to catch me.

Which leads me to the following conclusion; it is up to you to decide what kind of life you want to live. It is not society, your parents/family or your friends. You have the ability to create the life you wish to live and to seek any kind of life your heart desires. If you are in your early twenties like me, now is the time to really grab life by the balls. When you fall, get back up. When you fail, reflect, learn from the experience and then move forward with twice the determination.

If you still have doubt, we thought the world was flat until someone asked. Always ask questions and seek further knowledge in life. Test the limits and the boundaries. Anything and everything is possible.
If you continue to disagree, look at the rectangular device in your hand with which you are reading this post. This very device allows you to communicate with individuals all over the world and in multiple ways, whether you are texting, speaking on the phone, face-timing, direct messaging via Instagram, etc. . You are doing what was once deemed impossible, effortlessly, every day. How remarkable is that?  

…and yeah…when I actually take the time to read the list as a whole, I see how cliché it appears to be but I also recognize a theme. My confidence and comfortability in my own skin has grown since my arrival in Bali. When I first arrived, I questioned my worth quite often. Did I earn the right to be here? Do I have the qualifications required to help this bad ass woman run a company? Just this constant vicious cycle of negative questions that really impacted my day to day life. Yet I leave Bali with a more positive outlook. Yeah, I am young and there is a lot I have to learn, but you know what? Who doesn’t? No one knows everything and no one is perfect at everything. We always have the opportunity to grow, to learn and to better ourselves. The world we live in is vast and complex; we have to remain open to all that it could and will offer.

I learned plenty more on my journey, but I will save it for another time. 

Thank you for joining my first trek to Bali and for watching my transformation over the past two months. I am grateful for each and every individual who has helped me, supported me and encouraged me throughout my time here. I am grateful to each and every individual who took the time out their busy day to read the rants and rambles sprawled on the pages of this blog. I am grateful to live the life I lead and to be given the opportunity to experience such beauty in a country once unknown. Keep on keepin’ on everyone!