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Good evening champs, I think the beginning of my blog post yesterday maybe have been rooted in the fact that I am a little overwhelmed so yeah. To be honest, there is just a lot I am currently aspiring to do and finding the means to do each thing is a bit frustrating. Yet, that's part of life. So, I will continue to blog for the next 16 days and share bits of my story in a diary-esque format. 

Let's get day 15 poppin'. 

I won't lie to you guys, I've started about 5 different posts today and every time I get about halfway through, I re-read it and delete it. I keep wanting to write something that wholes value, that isn't just a bunch of scrambled words thrown onto the page, but nothing comes to mind. 

Mmmm fuck it. I am going to create a playlist to my life. This particular playlist will consist of 7 songs, so let it be known that a handful of songs and moments will be left out. Why 7? It's my lucky number, that's why ha. To make it a bit more interesting, I will play each song and write for as long as the song plays. Think of it as a Wild Writing meets music. 

Are you ready?

1. To Build A Home by A Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson
The first time I heard this song was 3 years ago as I sat in the passenger seat of my friend Kendall's ride. I remember heading back from Mellow Mushroom and venting profusely. You see, our car ride playlists always consisted of melancholy music as we were both poets stuck on our first loves. Thus, our rides consisted of one or both of us ranting our bleeding hearts out. He is a huge part of the reason I survived the devasting heartache of my first love and I am forever grateful for him. I miss our car rides and late night conversations about life with you. He was always ruthlessly blunt and it was a breath of fresh air. 

2. Coffee by Sylvan Esso
Justin introduced me to this song on our way home from pie. From that day on I played it endlessly for a month and it's still on many of my Spotify playlists. Justin is very near and dear to my heart as he is one of my first friends in L.A. He's kind of the person I go to for everything and we just eat food and talk.  I am forever grateful for his existence always. He is one of the very people I feel like I can truly be myself around in this vast city and he is beyond dependable. He is kind of one my favorite people in this city, honestly.  So kid, if you're reading this, I appreciate you always! I look forward to many more adventures with you and watching your Benaddictz dream become a reality!

3. Nature Boy by Nat King Cole
The first time I heard Nature Boy was over a decade ago when my cousin Vincent introduced me to the film, Moulin Rouge. Baz Lurhman does a beautiful rendition of this song in his film and it's also the moral of the story. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." I've been in love with those lyrics for over a decade, hell I think they are the reason I became a poet and have an obsession with love. You could say I'm Christian, a writer with a ridiculous obsession with love. 

4.  Call On Me by Big Brother & The Holding Company ft. Janis Joplin
The very first vinyl I owned. I've always had a soft spot for Janis Joplin's remarkable vocals. To this day, I have this song on repeat. Fun fact, I have a Janis Joplin quote tattooed on my ribcage. 

5. Airplanes by Local Natives
Airplanes randomly came onto my Pandora one afternoon while cruising in Athens and I remember immediately adding it to my Road Trippin' playlist. I often played this song late at night during my hour drive home with the windows down and the volume as long as I could stand it. "I want you back" is something I would scream the loudest because this was also part of my break up playlist, haha. Man oh man, I remember sending this song to my first love during one of our breaks. Shit, I lacked shame and game back in the day. I still put this song on every once in a while, but it definitely got the most plays driving down 316 from Athens to Atlanta. 

6. This Time It's Over by Cry Baby
The first time I heard this glorious man's voice was in the midst of my thigh piece being tattooed by the oh so sweet Miguel. The shop let the entire album play loud via the speakers and man oh man if that wasn't a swoon-worthy tattoo sesh. I had this album on repeat for weeks and I still find myself writing poetry and getting caught up in my feels to it. 

7. Heavenly by Vacationer
I don't remember the first time I heard this song per say, but I remember the first time I heard this band. I was in the car with Paco and it was a mellow day for tunes and this song honestly knocked me flat on my ass. This song in particular always reminded me of one individual in particular and I remember sending him the song, hoping he got the message. I don't play it as often as I used to, but when I do I belt out the chorus shamelessly and with passion kids. I remember one of my friends told me I had to stop playing it because I had it on repeat so much. This song holds good memories in my heart, the whole album does actually. Seriously, I am smiling just listening to the lyrics and it definitely brought me back to one moment in particular. I am sitting on an airplane to Atlanta and you're 7 or 8 rows behind me and I am listening to this song and thinking of you. Silly I know, but the plane ride was actually our goodbye for what would be 3ish months. 

So kids, I did it! I may have to add a part 2 as I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and dipping into nostalgia. I haven't read back on anything I wrote, I kind of just let my fingers hit the keys so I apologize ahead of time for the grammar and spelling mistakes. It's made with love to keep the pieces authentic. 

Keep on keepin' on!

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