Native Spirit

One, two and a good morning (or afternoon) to you!

Two days ago my friend Amy walked up to me and said, "This deck has a message for you". Curiosity and excitement filled my soul and I immediately pushed my writing to the side to start shuffling the deck. Once I felt like the deck was sufficiently shuffled, I knocked three times and brushed/flicked away once to clear the oracle deck of previous energy. Now is when the fun begins! It was time to focus on my question for the cards.

“Am I on the right path in life?”

I began to shuffle once more, reciting the question in my head over and over again. Over the course of five minutes, the first three cards jumped out from the deck and the fourth and final card slipped through my finger tips and landed on my laptop. For anyone unfamiliar with oracle cards, you are allowed to pick as many cards as you wish. I personally go off of a feeling, which sounds incredible woo woo but that’s just how I operate. I reach a point when the number of cards before me just feels right. I honestly do not know any other way to describe it. 

With the four cards face down in a row, in the order from how each was chosen, my curiosity grows as each card is revealed – Spirit of the Earth, Shape Shifter, Medicine Bag and Offerings. I take a moment with each card before I break out the accompanying book to read the full in depth description of each card.  Below I will include a brief synopsis of each card to give you all an inside look at my reading!

Spirit of the Earth
Prosperity is blossoming in all areas of your life. You are strong and grounded. Who you are is enough. Tend to your health and detoxify your body. Create a home for your soul. Be present and cherish the here and now. 

Shape Shifter
You can be anything you desire. Let go of attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes and experiment with different ways of viewing reality. If you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams, shift the way you see the person or situation.
THIS card chose you because it wants you to know that your past does not equal your future. 

Medicine Bag
Gather your resources. Be discerning. Vast inner power is growing in your life. Step back and let it grow. There are times to shine brightly for all to see and times to choose carefully about who sees your true self. Choose wisely. Your capacity and potential are growing in leaps and bounds. 
Consider obtaining or creating a medicine bag or medicine bundle.

The universe is grateful for you. You are a gift to the world. Feel gratitude for everything in your life, even the things that do not seem perfect. Appreciation for everything flows through you in great bounty. Cherish the preciousness of life and everyone and everything around you, and thus you will be cherished. 
True thankfulness can work like a modern day alchemy, yielding happiness and peace beyond your imagination. Find what’s good and wonderful in every moment. No matter what’s happening around you, there is always something to be grateful for. Whatever you appreciate in your life will grow. 

I am enthralled with the answers to my question; and if it was not obvious enough already, I have a deep fascination with oracle cards.  I have asked a variety of decks an array of questions over the past two months, yet there was something about this deck or maybe it’s the day I chose to ask that really resonated with me.  Whatever the reason (I won't question it), thank you Amy for supplying the oracle cards this morning and every morning! 

If you wish to check the deck out, it is Native Spirit by Denise Linn.

Keep on keepin’ on!