My Heart

Image courtesy of Jack Strutz (@strutz)

Image courtesy of Jack Strutz (@strutz)

Good morning, I decided to try something new and type my post up before heading to work. Although my brain is still doing its morning stretches, so it may be a slower process than I was anticipating. 

Let's kick it with rants and rambles as I partake in a few wild writings.  

Remember wild writing is just word vomiting onto a page for 5 minutes. There will be a conglomerate of run-on sentences and typos. 

Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine.
— Michael Faudet

i've always had this internal battle with myself, how much of myself do i expose to another individual before my muchness becomes just that, too much. for those of you who don't know, my muchness is a term i use to define the essence of who i am. i am soft as shit, there is no hiding it. yet i am also very in tune with my emotions and the vibes i give off to the world. i've also got a heart that emits love like it's the fucking sun. my heart is my greatest strength but also my greatest flaw as there is a fine line i must walk. my heart is patient and kind and forever offering second chances, yet all of that comes with scars and heartache. not everyone can handle this shit and it's apparent by the countless of times i've been called out for simply feeling and expressing myself. like what? my feelings have and always will be valid as will yours. your heart is important, it's the core to your existence physically and emotionally. so, yeah sometimes i become insecure about my heart and the way it chooses to beat. i am working on it, because i think my heart is one of a kind. 

do not choose the lesser life. do you hear me. do you hear me. choose the life that is yours. the life that is seducing your lungs. that is dripping down your chin.
— Nayyirah Waheed

I want to live a life that seduces my lungs and inspires my fingers to type a million miles a minute. I want to my feet to touch as much of the earth as they can honestly. With everyone around me traveling, the urge to get up and get away is at an all time high. Yet, living a life as lavish as such is more than traveling, it's surrounding myself with individuals who evoke emotion, promote growth and are always down for a good time and nights filled with laughter. Some of my fondest memories have taken place in a room close to home, it's just the cocktail of the right people. One of the greatest things about living in LA, is I've met enough creatives, entrepreneurs and dream chasers to know that just about anything is attainable. You can 100% shoot for the moon and achieve it, like what? I need a life that filled to the rim with creativity, love and laughter. I don't care how cheesy and cliche that is, haha. A tablespoon of gratitude and authenticity wouldn't do any harm either. 

So yeah, I did the damn thing! 

Keep on keepin' on champs!

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