Majestic Manifesto

 Coconuts, Manifestos & Life Coaching with Leannah on a private beach!

 Coconuts, Manifestos & Life Coaching with Leannah on a private beach!

Well champs, this blog post is long overdue and that is a goof on my part, my apologies.

During my first two nights in Bali, I had the pleasure of staying at Leannah’s villa. Leannah is a bad ass life coach, surfer, granola baking and manifesto teaching extraordinaire. I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at her workshop “Make Your Dream Life Your Real Life” prior to its debut at the Hello, Adventure “Get Away & Get It Done” May Retreat.

What is a manifesto you ask?  

“A document that outlines one’s intentions and goals, and covers all areas of personal and professional life. It is typically written in the perspective on the future self, in such a way that goals are already attained.”
— Leannah Lumauig

We began by rating our current situation and standing on the wheel of life. If you’re unfamiliar with the wheel of life, it is a wheel that includes career, friends & family, significant other/romance, fun & recreation, health, personal growth, physical environment and money. After you rate your current standing, you then write where you would like to be, in the perspective of your future self as if the goals are already attained. I went fairly easy on myself because I was just kind of blissed out being in Bali. Yet a week later when I was writing my detailed manifesto in my journal, I shot for the fucking moon. I am going for that ten out of ten life because nothing is impossible. (Still blissed out if you’re wondering)

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
— Audrey Hepburn

Below I have included my manifesto, verbatim. I am keeping to that promise of living in the light of raw vulnerability.
(Disclaimer: My manifesto is changing as I change. Throughout time I will be adding and taking away. Happy reading!)


I am a bad ass published writer! I am publishing a collection of poetry and a memoir or novel.  I am building a brand for myself as a published writer. I am inspiring individuals through my poetry, blog posts, articles, etc. I am making substantial money as a freelance travel writer. I am building relationships and connections around the world and I am home based in Los Angeles. I am happily traveling the world, whether it is for scouting, freelance writing, personal blogging or leading retreats with Hello, Adventure LLC. I am co-founder of Hello, Adventure LLC. I am constantly helping the company grow and expand through hard work, knowledge and dedication. I am chief editor of Hello, Adventure’s magazine publication. I am working with an amazing, creative and supportive team. I am getting issues done on time that have unique, interesting, and inspiring content. I am gaining connections and pull for the magazine that better our brand and showcase our values. I am successfully interviewing individuals and companies around the world. I am writing articles that entice and intrigue our readers. I am hustling for the hustle because I LOVE THIS HUSTLE. I am writing articles well and in my style: the combination of funny, factual and inspiring. I am collaborating with amazing individuals to create pieces the world has yet to see. I am happily growing the company alongside the remarkable Sarah Moe. We are making our passion projects a reality. Hello, Adventure is known worldwide and growing. 

Friends & Family

I am building strong relationships around the world and maintaining the friendships throughout my travels. I am constantly grateful for my support system. My friends and family visit me around the world and join me on my adventures once a year. I am traveling the world alongside my significant other and we are living in bliss. I never feel lonely.

Fun & Recreation + Physical Environment

I am overcoming my fear of heights through skydiving and parasailing. I am hiking and bouldering all around the world. I am surfing when the ocean is near and snowboarding without fear when the snowy mountains greet me. I am traveling the world endlessly, with my feet hitting every inch of the world that it can. I am backpacking through Europe and South East Asia. I am chilling beach side and swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives. I am volunteering with elephants and floating through the markets in Thailand. I am visiting my mom’s birthplace in the Philippines. I am holding a koala in Australia. I am walking the entirety of the Great Wall of China. I am falling in love with the tulip gardens in the Netherlands and the Northern Lights in Iceland. I am walking through the white sands of New Mexico. I am channeling my inner Hobbit in Hobbiton in New Zealand. I am sleeping in Glass Igloo Village in Finland. I am having my rocky moment at the top of the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii. I am taking it back to Charles Darwin on my visit to the Galapagos Islands. I am venturing through France to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Moulin Rouge and The Louvre. I am sitting on the 50 yard line with my dad at South Bend watching Notre Dame kick some ass.

I am visiting my family at minimum once a year or they are meeting me on my travels!!

(If you’re wondering why I combined these two categories, it is because the fun and recreation takes place in my physical environment. It just felt easier to combine the two then awkwardly split them in half.)


I hustle for the hustle because I love the hustle. I no longer need to check my bank account because I am a billionaire in USD (United States Dollars) and counting. I spend my money on traveling extensively, supporting my family, and paying it forward. I am financially supporting my parents, who are retired and just loving life. I am paying it forward by helping other individuals achieve their dreams and make successes out of their passion projects. I am careful with my money throughout the entirety of my life.

My money comes from the success of Hello, Adventure LLC, my freelance writing, published books/collections of poetry and other side projects.


I am waking up every morning healthy, mobile, and alive. I am working out every day. I am doing yoga at an advanced level with ease. Heck, I am flexible enough to do the splits. I am running a minimum of three miles but I am able to run up to ten miles. I am shredding waves when the ocean greets me. I am finally able to do push-ups and pulls up like a damn champion. I am eating healthy and taking care of my body. I am no longer struggling with my eating disorder. I am confident in my body because I am beautiful. I am no longer struggling with anxiety. I am meditating every day, for a minimum of fifteen minutes. If time permits, I am meditating up to an hour and a half.

Personal Growth

I am constantly growing with an open mind, whether it is through interactions with others, attending classes, workshops and conferences or doing my own research. I am living in the present, always. I am creating the time to free write and read daily. I am taking the proper strides necessary to better myself as a writer. I am receiving business and life coaching to improve and better myself in the areas I am lacking. I am growing my personal brand. I am confident in myself and what I have to offer to the world. I am adding value to myself by obtaining new skills, knowledge and experience. I remain humble with a big heart and a curiosity that never ceases to exist. I am a positive vibe to everyone I come into contact with. I am overcoming my insecurities. I am learning to stand up for myself and to say no. I am soaring to new heights and achieving my wildest dreams. I am saying yes to adventure, to new experiences, and to facing my fears. I am greeting life with a warm smile and a let’s go.

Significant Other/Romance

I am with someone who is sweet, full of love, has a great sense of humor and a thirst for adventure. I am with someone who provides mutual support and we are constantly pushing one another to greatness. I am with someone who shares my family values and has a heart for traveling. I am with someone who wants to be by my side and enjoys traveling the world with me. I am with someone who is patient and who understands that I am imperfect and ever changing. I am with someone who helps me overcome my fears. I am with someone who is passionate and creative. I am with someone who is loyal and who loves me unconditionally, always, even when he dislikes me. I am with my person. I am happy and undeniably in love. I am with someone who can vibe well with my friends and who my family adores.

(I am aware of how often I referenced travel and adventure, it is important okay guys?)

I read my manifesto when I wake up in the morning, it's kind of embedded in my the routine. I even create new manifestos for certain things if the mood hits me. There’s something about it that just kind of uplifts your day from the get. There’s something magical almost about writing down your goals and speaking them into the universe, into existence essentially. It’s kind of mind blowing if you really think about it. If you ever find yourself in Canggu, I highly recommend attending one of Leannah’s workshops. She has a personality/vibe that is amazing to work with.

Fun facts: Leannah is a life coach who works remotely and is currently based in Canggu, Bali but can assist anyone around the world with the help of technology and WiFi.  If you’re looking for a life coach, I highly highly recommend her. Not only is she an absolute gem, but the passion behind her craft is authentic. She is always encouraging, always rooting people on and just pushing them to greatness. I am grateful to have met her.

Now, you should check out her website, instagram, and facebook.