Just Keep Swimming

photo courtesy of @strutz

photo courtesy of @strutz

Good afternoon champions. It's a rather warm but beautiful day on the sunny side of Los Angeles. I am currently sitting in a cuddle puddle and thought I'd use the free time I have to pen a post. I'll admit, I've been a little MIA lately. I haven't had the inspiration or motivation to write for myself. I am leaving for a trip to Paris tomorrow and hold that will change it. 

I'd like to continue my normal tone of being raw and open. A lot of people take issue with the amount I share publicly, but I have no shame in what I express to you all. So, I'd like to start with a list of goals I'd like to accomplish by my 25th year followed by wild writing. 


  1. Be published in 15 publications total, 3 of which are in print. 
  2. Have the available funds and flexibility to travel. 
  3. Create a zine, whether it's a collection of poetry or narratives and self-publish. 
  4. Start a travel tab on my website. 
  5. Create a home in my own studio apartment. 
  6. Start sketching up designs for the lingerie line I've always dreamed of creating. 
  7. Make a difference. Raise my voice. 

So yeah. I don't have a laundry list worth of goals but the ones I do have are guaranteed to keep me busy. Plus, they will launch me in the direction I wish to go. Note: goals change as life changes. Nothing is set in stone. 

Now it's time for the wild writing portion of our segment! Remember, this is 5 minutes are raw, unedited writing. Typos will be made in abundance. 

We all need someone to hold.
— Vancouver Sleep Clinic

There are days when I cannot seem to peel myself out of bed, yet I do because that is what is expected of me. There are days when forcing a smile on my face is the greatest challenge I have to face. There are days when all I want is to hide away from the world or run out into the universe to be surrounded by mother nature. To listen to the soothing melody of the ocean or mask in the lush green glory of the forests. There are days when I cannot figure out to be human. Sometimes there are days when I simply want to be held by you because nothing feels as safe as being wrapped up in your arms. 

Love is not love until it’s vulnerable.
— Theodore Roethke

I want a raw, unapologetic, messy and ever changing kind of love. I want the mornings with your sweet smile and the mornings when the world feels like it is crashing down on you. I want the afternoon delights and the afternoons when stress consumes your soul. I want the evenings spent making eye contact from across the room and the evenings are despair. I want the late nights tangled in your limbs, with a promise to make to the most of tomorrow while simultaneously being grateful for the present. I want everything you have to offer, from the highest peaks of positivity to the lowest valleys of negativity. I want a love where conversation flows effortlessly and endlessly. Tell me everything, from the minute details of your day to the first time you felt the earth shatter beneath your feet. Tell me about the first time you fell in love and how you saw the world differently. I want the pure and raw vulnerability of falling in love with someone who is not afraid to showcase every part of his soul. Because I'll take care of you, always, if you'll give me the opportunity to love you. 


That's all I have in me for tonight! Keep on keepin' on champs! 

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