Greetings 2017!


Good morning champions! 

The previous month was slim and trim when it came to posts being cranked out and I am looking to change that moving forward. Now I could sit here and create excuses about how the holidays are just a busy and stressful time, but I won’t. If I am being completely honest with you, I just had zero motivation to write for myself at times. Other times I simply did not want the words being penned to be published for all eyes to see.

As most of you know, I headed back to Georgia for about twelve days at the end of December. For anyone who has not been to the peach state, it is slower paced living in comparison to California. With that being said, I was given the opportunity to truly reflect on myself and the tremendous amount of growth I had experienced throughout the year. Unfortunately, I was also gifted all the thoughts and memories I had safely tucked away in the deepest corners of my mind. 

Ultimately, the goal of this post and posts moving forward is to fully open up to all of you.  To express myself in the rawest of forms so I can begin the year with a clear heart and clear mind. 

Let’s backtrack a little before jumping forward, shall we?

2016 was a year I very much needed to finally feel like myself. A year as shitty as it could be, I am personally beyond grateful for. 

In a nutshell, I moved three thousand miles away my comfort zone and began to create a home in a totally new city. I spent a couple months helping a women build her company in a foreign country, which was a huge array of emotions with adventure sandwiched in between. I worked for two dream team companies upon my arrival back in the states, which have helped me grow professionally in ways I didn’t quite think I would. I began this blog and actually stamped my name on it (the first in four years). I experienced my second heartache, which was quite a doozy. I truly learned the definition of self love and self empowerment. I fell in love with poetry again and picked the old habit back up. And I am sure there are a few things I am forgetting to mention, but I believe I covered the most predominant bases. 

So, what do I look forward to in 2017?

I look forward to year of continuous adventure and growth.
To a year of self love and finally putting myself first. 
To a year of taking risks and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. 
To a year of truly pursuing my writing…for the first time in my life. 
To a year of endless travel. 
To a year of expanding my community in a city that still feels fairly new.
To a year of figuring my shit out basically, ha.

Honestly, I have no idea what the year will bring, where I will be or the person I will become over the next twelve months. I simply know what my aspirations and goals are and that’s something, right? Plus, my follow through game is quite strong haha. 

Keep on keepin’ on champs and a belated happy new year!

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