Greatness in Humanity

Happy Fri-YAY, hah. 
I am currently sitting on the patio in Culver City, with the wind blowing in my hair, music in my ear and my fingertips hitting the keys. It's kind of the perfect work day if you ask me. The sun is just starting to shine and the streets around me are quiet. I have a view of the mountains in front of me and the opportunity to write, to share and maybe even at one point, to inspire. 

The past week of my life has been quite marvelous, filled to the rim with adventure and poetry. I have yet to create a platform for my poetry; I kind of just wanted to sporadically share it until I felt confident in the work before me. When I reach that point, it is in to either pursue publishers or self publish. 

Here are a few things I have written in the past week.

I choose to live a life of raw vulnerability,
to keep my edges soft and my heart wide open,
to love all unconditionally to the best of my ability,
and to always believe there is greatness in humanity.

I would travel through the depths of hell
if it gave me the opportunity to be loved by you.

With the full moon radiating in the sky above,
I teach  myself the importance of self love. 

You and I are intertwined,
held together by love
and only blossoming with time.

One day someone will waltz into your life
and you will discover
how the definition of love
came to be defined. 

Keep on keepin' on!