Good Times + Good Vibes

Moment captured by Jack Stutz @strutz

Moment captured by Jack Stutz @strutz

Good evening champs! It's a stupid pretty day in LA as the sun shines high in the sky and the breeze gently kisses your skin as you walk through the streets. 

My day thus far has been filled with work and a little bit of adventure, kind of the perfect combination if you ask me. Yet, that is not why I am writing. My life has been chaotic in the most wonderful of ways and I have yet to share any of it with you, so here I go!

First, I have received not one but TWO new gigs that I couldn't be more stoked to have. Yes, your girl has finally hopped off the unemployment train and landed in the employment station (yes, I am fully aware of how lame that sounded). It feels grrreat to not only have a stable income but to be working for two companies I believe in. #dreamlife and yes I just typed a hashtag, you don't have to point it out. The first gig is Social Media and Marketing at Beast and Babe in Venice. Beast and Babe is a company dedicated to good times, good vibes and puppy love. We focus on creating unique and funky leashes, collars and beds for your puppers. The second gig is Staff Writer at Citizine a rad start-up making changes in the world of travel and tech! 

Second, I am still pitching and pieces are being approved and published! It's kind of wild to call myself a writer after all this time and actually be confident in the words I put out into the universe. I shall keep you updated on the pieces as they are released! 

Third, I met Jack's parents. Yeah...we took our relationship to THAT level haha. Nah, it's honestly not that big of a deal even though I was helluh anxious about the entire process. We spent two days and a night at the Stutz's timeshare in Oceanside and it was quite nice. I spent 2 hours on a bicycle and my thighs the next morning were so sore it was like I discovered exercise for the first time. Not the point, it was lovely to see Jack in this element and see where parts of his personality derive from. 



Uh, what else what else? 

I visited Lake Elsinore and Antelope Valley to view the super bloom and whoa baby WHOA BABY was that an exquisite view! I mean just look at the majestic creature directly above! 

I camped in Joshua Tree with Jessee and her brother Josh, which was an adventure in itself. It was so so so great to explore the desert and to get out of the city for two days. We visited Salvation Mountain, part of Desert X and watched tiny Virgil run wild with glee. The only bummer was when Virgil got a ton of little spikeys matted in his fur, that and the lack of sleep that occurred because someone thought it was a grand idea to blare music until the wee hours of the night. 

Jack took me to Stronghold to rock climb and I literally almost made him go splat into the ground. Maybe I should elaborate, ha. So he really REALLY wants me to belay, which is groovy because it's a rad activity we can do together. We just run into two obstacles: one, I am still not a fan of heights and two, I have barbie arms (I can't even bench the bar without weights kids, it's that bad).  Anyways, I was taking my belay test where he randomly falls and instead of catching him, I freaked out, screamed and let go of the rope...only to catch it with my left and then get my braid stuck. It was a cluster fuck of all proportions kids, haha. So yeah, there's that. 

Other than what I listed above, I am a hustling and grinding and a cuddling a Dau Dau.

On a less than good vibe-y type of note, I have been experiencing a bout of homesickness which I hope to rid myself of when I visit Bryce this weekend. Only time will tell, but it usually does the trick. He's my home away from home and my best friend. Plus, who else will sit on the couch with me for seven hours and eat french fries, brownies and whatever else we have in close proximity haha. Not the point though, homesickness is definitely a feeling that has floated in and out of my life throughout the year I have been in LA. I remember the first time it hit I bought a ticket and flew home within a week, but now I've got my hustle and that is not longer an option so eating donuts it is...kidding...sort of haha. 

Well, that's all I've got for you today folks! Keep on keepin' on!







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