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Batu Bolong Beach - where my surf lesson took place 

Batu Bolong Beach - where my surf lesson took place 

Well champs, it has been one crazy month, filled to the rim with adventure and hustle. It bums me out a little to announce that I was only able to catch the surf once in Bali. No worries though, there are plenty of waves available on the west coast of the states. I would however, like to backtrack and fill you in on my first successful surf lesson and a rad fin company I discovered along the way.

Tim, my surf coach and founder of the fin company, happens to help run the first Airbnb I stayed at when I arrived in Bali. The Airbnb was magical. Through my short stay, I received a rad community, collaboration galore, delicious meals and an infinite amount of good times, good vibes, laughter and love.  Tim and Leannah have an awesome thing going on and I am forever grateful! 

Now, let’s begin with my surf lesson then shed some light onto the fins.

Leannah and Tim swooped me up at seven o'clock in the morning on a Friday from my villa. We cruised on over to Batu Bolong Beach, where Tim grabbed a foam long board for me to test and learn the ways of the water. I however could not lift the board with my Barbie arms for very long and he had to carry it for me. Thank you Tim! Don’t worry champs, I carried his short board in exchange. I am not a total weenie.

When we arrived at our spot on the beach, placed the boards down and began with some warm ups and stretching. If anyone needs a visual, we did the stretches one would normally do before a run, just focused a little more on the upper body. Some arm circles and shiz to get that blood pumping and the heart rate up. Once I felt good and warm, it was time to practice my stance. Tim drew a vertical line in the sand and step by step showed me what my stance was to look like. As he did each step, he told me a little bit about it(I am all about details dudes). I traded places with Tim,  fake paddled and when the wave was coming fake paddled harder; when I felt the “push”, I popped up and caught my wave. Now, I won’t lie to you. It took me a few times to fully grasp the stance because I wanted to jump up for joy. Disclaimer: I am not the most coordinated individual either, if anything I would consider myself a huge klutz.

After practicing in the sand a few...several...times, I decided it was time to test out my skills in the water. I paddled my happy ass on out to the break where all the other surfers were chilling and waited for my wave. I'll keep it real, there was a large consumption of salt water on this trek out as the waves continuously crashed into my dainty body. I was still learning how to turtle guys, go easy on a newb.

The very first wave I caught took me all the way to the shore on my belly, and whoa baby if that was not a rush. I smiled at the surfers who paddled on around me and just really cherished the incredible moment. When my board and I hit the sand, I rolled off into the water and made my way back out to Tim, who greeted me halfway. He congratulated me for the great catch and I told him if it was the confidence I needed to try try try again.

I paddled out a couple more times, catching waves and going up to the second part of the stance (on my knee). On the last wave, I stood up for a brief moment before gently riding to shore on my knee. I popped on out of the water because my Barbie arms needed a break and I needed to catch my breath.  Leannah and Tim informed me that surfing gets easier the more you practice; there is muscle memory involved and I just need to give these particular muscles a lot more lovin’. Overall, it was a spectacular experience and I totally get the addiction to a wave. There’s something wild and indescribable about gliding on water.

Goofing off while Leannah and Tim set up for the Funky Fresh Fins' photoshoot

Goofing off while Leannah and Tim set up for the Funky Fresh Fins' photoshoot

Now champs, let me tell you about Funky Fresh Fins!

The inspiration for Funky Fresh Fins arose last year on Tim’s trek through Indonesia when he met a local who was designing fins. While purchasing a full custom set of his own, his mind began to roam and the idea of starting a fin company became more a reality. He saw this as an opportunity to help the surfing community by providing great quality fins with a unique design for good value. How amazeballs is that?

Funky Fresh Fins creates unique FCS and Futures Fins, made of fiberglass and with a shot of Indonesian flair. What is a shot of Indonesian flair? Well dudes, the fins’ designs are inspired by the Javanese art form, Batik. In short, Batik is wax resist dyeing on cloth. Additionally, the fins come in floral and animal prints. I personally ordered a batik and floral design for myself and I am beyond stoked to receive them.

As the company grows and expands, fingers crossed it makes its way over to the states within the next year, the designs will have added flair from around the world.  The future designs of the fins will vary based on the demographic. Tim receives a lot of help and support from Leannah and is grateful for her every day.

With a new logo designed, single fins releasing and an abundance of new ideas and fins on the horizon, Tim has found his hustle and is making his dream life his real life (quoting Leannah’s manifesto workshop here because it is just that great).

I 100% recommend Funky Fresh Fins to any surfer with a board. Tim is awesome to work with and very attentive to the wants and needs of the customer. He wants the client to leave with his or her ideal fin in their hands, from the design to the make and size.

Go on and Check out Funky Fresh Fins’ Instagram and Facebook.