Collection 1

My First Love Poem

I. One Year Ago…
It is too soon for me to state that I have fallen in love with you,
But I will say this:
You are the closest I have come to releasing ownership of my heart.
With each moment spent in your presence
Or with each second your voice plays its melody in my ear,
The thread that holds it into place is slowly being plucked,
It is merely a matter of time before the last stitching is released and my heart plummets into your hands.

II. Eight Months Ago
The final thread has been plucked
As my heart teeters on the edge of my chest,
And without warning, 
Hoping to create a home within your hands,
Only to discover…
Your arms are placed firmly at your side.

III. Two Months Ago
I embroider my heart within my chest, 
each stitch crossed over and taut,
At a quick glance, it appears unscathed,
However if you gaze at my heart like you would a painting in a museum, 
The scars remain.

IV. Present Day
Remnants of you establish a home within the crevices of my heart,
Each memory generates a change in tempo,
Except now…
I smile as the images roll through my mind like film onto a projection screen. 
With an infinite tenderness for my first love,
I thank you for the beauty you showed me within myself and the world.
March 2014

My Darling

I love you with all that I am,
all that I have been and all that I aspire to be. 
I love you for the great adventure we are about to embark on,
and the life we wish to build.
And I will love you unconditionally,
through the difficult times, when you cannot stand to love yourself,
all the way up to the marvelous times when you
feel like you are invincible and floating on cloud nine. 

September 09, 2015


Long Distance

With two thousand miles between us,
And a love that only continues to grow,
I crave you in the simplest of forms. 
I crave your touch, 
whether it be the brush of your lips against mine,
Or something as simple as our fingers intertwined,
I crave your presence,
From mornings waking up to your goofy full teeth grin,
To nights wrapped up in your arms, feeling safe and at peace. 
I crave every last piece,
From your soul that is driven by adventure,
To your heart, filled with love and dipped in gold. 
And I miss you,
with every  fiber of my being, every day. 
So I await the day you and I are reunited, 
Because in that first moment, 
As my heart beats through my chest
And your grin begins to appear,
All the love we share is amplified,
Reminding one other that we are finally home. 
November 29, 2015


Our Relationship

Our relationship cannot be restricted to the contexts of a label. 
Our relationship does not fit a mold and cannot be summarized by a
sequence of events. Our relationship is defined by what is experienced
behind closed doors, where reality seizes to exist and our limbs lay intertwined. 
It is defined by the tears, the laughter followed by your infectious grin,
the mumbling between breaths as I stumble to find the right words,
 and the moments where words are not necessary to convey how we feel. The moments that
simply feel right, as if our sheer presence is enough to define the love we share.  
Our relationship is imperfect and messy, yet it is also wonderful
and creates a new found sense of happiness I have yet to experience. 
You are my favorite person. I love you.
Feburary 08, 2016