Breathing Dreams Like Air

Good morning champs, this is the third day in a row I've tried to pen this blog post and I am determined to do it. 

Without creating excuses, life has just been a little chaotic. I work a 10-6 and when I'm not at the office, I am writing from home.  Basically, 80% of my time is spent on my computer or in a notebook playing around with words, haha. It's something I enjoy so it hardly feels like a chore, but man oh man if there aren't enough hours in the day. 

Let's kick today off with a little inspiration. 

Breathing dreams like air...
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

I go through phases. There are days when my dreams ignite my veins and words spew from my fingertips like it's the only tasks they were created for; those days are my favorite. Then, there are days I can't seem to formulate a coherent thought. I suppose that comes with the territory. Some days you've got the magic and some days you don't. Fortunately, today has definitely been a day filled with magic. With a new list of publications to pitch and all the rough drafts done for the ones awaiting articles, mama is feeling gooooood. The tricky part is keeping the momentum going though. How does one stay motivated on the laziest of days? On the days where all I want to do is lay horizontal and scroll aimlessly through my twitter feed reading poetry and articles about sex. Fun fact, I have a weird dream of becoming a sexologist. Yeah, you read that right haha and it's totally not the point of this blurb, the point of this blurb is to breathe your dreams like air. One of my greatest accomplishments this year is taking a month off to write. It lit a fire under my ass and helped me realize my pipe dream could become a reality and that feeling alone is indescribable. 

So yeah, it's time to chug forward with the goal of being published in 10 publications my 24th year. I have high hopes I can make it a reality. For those who think it's easy peasy, remember I work 2 jobs with a bit of freelance work on the side. 

Outside of that, life is treating me quite well. With four days off at the beginning of this week, I can't complain. I spent time in Malibu, with the sun shining bright and the breeze cooling my skin. I completed a puzzle while watching the fireworks explore through a window. I played Settlers of Catan for the first time and oh shit, what an experience. I kicked it at a BBQ where I ate hot dogs, played beer pong and allowed my inner social butterfly to shine. I chilled poolside with two babes and a pup, talk about living the dream life. I even set aside some time to write poetry. Oh and I also learned to drive stick shift in the middle of Los Angeles. If that's not a stressful adventure, I don't know what is. To be fair, I only stalled a few times, so I think that warrants celebration. 

It's now time to return to the grind. 

Keep on keepin' on folks. 

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