Attitude of Gratitude: Bali Edition

Well champs, I decided an attitude of gratitude dedicated to Bali would be a rad idea. There are an infinite amount of things I have to be grateful for and I could write for hours…but I won’t, ha. I am just going to time myself for ten minutes and type everything I am grateful for.

Now are you ready? It’s going to be lengthy.

I am grateful for Bali, for instilling confidence, comfortability within my own skin, and a community I much needed.

I am forever grateful for the friendships I have created in Bali. I have met some of the most marvelous individuals who inspire, motivate and encourage me on a daily to weekly basis.

Believe it or not, I am grateful for the lack of Wi-Fi and cell reception in Bali. I have learned so much about myself, committed deeper to my writing, yoga and meditation.

I am grateful for yoga, struggle bus as I may through each hour session.

I am grateful for mediation, for rooting me down and the way it combats my anxiety.

I am grateful for Hello, Adventure and the journey I have taken with the company so far.

I am grateful for my baby entrepreneur status, for the freedom to create my own work schedule and choose my physical environment.

I am grateful for the rainy days in Bali, for the refreshing cool breezes and soaking the Earth.

I am grateful for my motorbike, to be able to cruise around Bali and experience it firsthand. I am grateful for my motorbike for the amount of independence it has given me to live freely.

I am grateful for the amount of love and support I receive at home in the states.
I am grateful for my family, for always supporting my impulse and crazy decisions and for always showering me with love. I am the person I am today because of my parents. (You did good!)

I am grateful for the homies, even with the large time difference; you are still there when I need a bit of home.
I am grateful for our villa, which serves as a home base in South East Asia.

I am grateful for a place to lay my head every night.

I am grateful for the air condition in my room at night, because I sleep like a baby in when it is freezing.

I am grateful for mosquito nets and fans when air condition is not available.
I am grateful for Oka, for having the best peanut butter and homemade bread.
I am grateful for Canggu Deli, for having the bets jam to go with the above ingredients to make PB&Js aka a taste of home.
I am grateful for Go-Jek, to have the ability to order food on days when I did not have a motorbike or the weather did not permit.
I am grateful for Natalie, for giving me my big magic moment, giving me the confidence to start my memoir and for the infinite amount of love and support. I am grateful for the writing coaching and any assistance/advice with my writing. I am grateful for the friendship.
I am grateful for Reby, for always being there when I need to vent or just let loose. I am grateful for the times she has made me sandwiches/wraps and for the adventures. I am grateful for her friendship. I am forever grateful that she wishes to start collaboration on a memoir.
I am grateful for Leannah, for answering any and all of my questions, for allowing me to experience a coaching session that revealed some deep shit, for always letting me work and stay at her villa. I am grateful for the amount of support she has given me over the past two months.  I am grateful for her friendship.
I am grateful for Tim, for teaching me how to surf and for creating rad customized fins (#funkyfreshfins).
I am grateful for Ieva, for being a marvelous friend/roommate and for educating me on all that is Bali.
I am grateful for Beth, for being an incredible advisor/colleague, for showing me a rad time in Seminyak, and for all the support. I am grateful for Beth for assisting with the growth of the company and for the amount of wisdom she has given and will give me.  
I am grateful for Ketut, a remarkable healer in Bataun, who literally gave me an out of body experience and a huge release of all I was holding it.
I am grateful for Sarah, for trusting me to help grow her passion project, for flying me out to Bali for two months, mentoring me, encouraging me and just being a beyond marvelous friend…and for also letting me ride on the back of her motorbike for a month. I am grateful for Sarah for the adventures we have shared and the adventures to come.

I am grateful to have such a happy and light heart on my last night in Bali.
I am forever grateful for Bali.

As I said before, I could create stacks on stacks of pages dedicated to Bali gratitude but I will not bore you. In a few hours I will be boarding a plane back to Los Angeles. I'll be seeing you Bali!