Attitude of Gratitude

Start every morning with a gratitude exercise. List three things you are grateful for in this very moment and then begin your day (It is crazy how this one little thing can improve your mood, even improve your day). Here, I’ll start: As I write this blog post in the living room, I am grateful for Jenn and Paco, for several reasons. For starters, I have been given the incredible opportunity to live with them until I can safely land on my own feet.  This ALONE is magnificent because everyone knows Los Angeles is not a cheap place to be. Now the cherry on top of the sundae, they invite me on their ventures to get me out of the house, meet new people and experience different aspects the city has to offer. Basically, I will never be able to say thank you enough, but I will say it a few more times. Thank you thank you thank you! Now, since I just returned from getting my Indonesian Visa, I am grateful for Sarah. Not only did she take me off the unemployment market, she is flying me out to Bali for TWO MONTHS. It is kind of like she is my fairy god mother. Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming, right? Lastly, with a text from my father this morning, I am grateful for the amount of love and support I receive every day from my parents.

Today definitely started with a huge ear to ear grin. 

Alright Alright Alright, now it is time to give you dears a more in depth look at my first month in Los Angeles.  The first question is probably, what is your job and how did you swing a trip to Bali? I work for Hello, Adventure LLC, a travel company planning rad trips for entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, adventures and basically everyone in between. At the company, my title is Director of Travel and Social Marketing, which basically means I run social media/blogging and help plan/research/scout potential locations for retreats. Hello, Adventure LLC is Sarah’s passion project, so I am beyond stoked to help make it a reality. With our first sold out retreat May 5th-14th in Bali, things are looking good. If you want to check it out, you can find us on instagram or go to our website . 

Outside of Hello, Adventure LLC, I dog walk on the side. Overall, I have had great experiences, but there are two that really stand out to me so far. First, I accepted a walk about a mile and a half down the road. When I received my confirmation, along with the name of the dog and the address, I knew I was in for a treat. I drove down Wilshire to the infamous MacArthur Park, where I got the wonderful opportunity to walk a husky puppy for an hour. Throughout the walk, several individuals whistled for the dog’s attention, as it was obviously overpowering me and I had to hold the leash with two hands. Not a fun experience my friends, ha. When I got home, I told my cousin about the experience to which she replied, “Never EVER go there again. Promise me.” Second, I accepted a walk over in the garment district. With street parking jammed, and the first two parking lots full, it took me twenty five minutes to find parking. Once I did, I power walked over to the apartment building only to discover there was no doorman on duty, and no security code to access the building. I called the owner, and left a text explaining my issues. With no reply, I waited outside until the lovely FedEx man let me in the building. From there, I had to wait another ten minutes for a tenant to swipe her key, granting me access to the elevator and up to tenth floor. All in all, the puppies make everything worth it, all the little stresses disappear when you see their happy faces and watch them ecstatically strut their stuff down the sidewalk.

When I am not making money, I am spending money, gaining knowledge or just having a grand ole time. Whether I am at my favorite bar down the street, a delicious restaurant in Korea Town or enjoying the happiest place on earth aka Disneyland (I’ll create a whole post about that adventure), I am spending money and having a grand ole time doing so. Some other rad times include: First and foremost, simple days with my best friend, Bryce, who relocated to Ontario in August; I am super duper happy to be in the same state as him again. And yes, I do love him enough to make the trek all the way out to Ontario. Second, Anne-Louise Ewen’s 25 Beautiful Things Watercolor Workshop! Not only does it allow your mind to completely be at ease, but you get to take home the incredible water coloring book. I painted six heels, all wacky just like me and a rainbow pineapple, both of which I signed proudly. Ooo, and every Sunday around ten a.m. is Dirt Church with Paco, Emma, and Meg. The first session consisted of planting flowers/starters and creating a game plan. The second session included creating another game plan, as the landlord does not want us "farming in the front". It's all groovy though, we were not deterred. We will continue Dirt Church in the backyard, where we will build planters and use what we got. We actually collected dirt this past Sunday, and if that is not considered hard work and labor, I do not know what is. Overall, it has been extremely successful and I am excited to see how the garden transforms. 

Don’t worry; I keep the brain up and pumping by going to workshops. First, I attended General Assembly’s Off Campus week, where I learned about entrepreneurship, design, and office culture through speakers and panels. For those of you who are not familiar with General Assembly or GA, their goal is to transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in tech, business, and design. The entrepreneurship night was my personal favorite because it gave an added perspective to what it means to work for yourself and build a company from the ground up. I took notes out the ying yang, channeling my inner nerd, oh yes. In addition, I was able to network and get Hello, Adventure LLC’s name out there a little more. Outside of General Assembly, I went to HomeRoom Academy’s “Get Your Shit Together” workshop. The workshop discussed the financial and legal tips every entrepreneur should know, and if you have yet to attend one, you definitely need to.  

Before I blab any longer, just know that Los Angeles is treating me well. There are more solid good days than there are bad. Hell, I am even grateful for my breakdown because it forced me to deal with my shit, and my attitude has greatly improved. The trick kids is to take a beat, and then handle it. Life is unpredictable and it always will be, so keep on keeping on and hold your head up high. I guarantee you things will get better, you just have to put in the work and the time, right?


Casha Doemland