A Three Minute Confession

i met you at a time
when i wasn't looking for love
when all i sought was fun
because i'd loved
and lost before
and i knew my heart
couldn't handle
another heartache. 
because the first time i fell in love
i felt forever in his arms
and watched the sun beam from his smiles.

because the second time i fell in love
he reeked of spontaneity and adventure
the life i desperately wished to live
but lacked the courage to.

because in that first night
as you and i
sat side by side underneath the night sky
the sounds of the city echoing below
my soul tugged on yours
and invited you out.

because on the second night
we hid nothing.
i showcased parts of my soul
some of my friends have yet to greet
and on the third night
you showed me yours.

because i feel a connection to you
i have not felt in years to pass
and i'm stuck between
daydreaming about the future
and wondering if something this exquisite
has the capacity to last.

because i feel electricity
in your fingertips
and love in your kiss.

because compassion radiates
through your voice
and it's been a while
since anyone took the time
to peel back the layers
and discover the universe that i am

-a three-minute confession

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem. It's been a good while since words left my fingertips so easily. 

And yes, this poem was written in one go in three to fix minutes. 

Keep on keepin' on!