Allies Of Mother Earth


Good evening folks! I am exhausted and my body is melting hard into the mattress at an early 8:30 pm.

Today, I rose early to help my dear friend Paisley clean up a small section of the Arts District in Los Angeles. In a short 90 minutes, we collected five jumbo sized garbage bags with miscellaneous trash from cigarette buds and cups to tattered clothes and plastic bags. While it was hard work, and we were only slightly prepared, the feeling of looking at that empty street afterward was worth everything.

Inspired, I decided to officially launch Allies Of Mother Earth, a platform dedicated to raising awareness and organizing clean-ups through the city, parks and beaches. Each month, we will plan a clean-up in a different neighborhood around Los Angeles and it will be glorious.

In the future, I aspire to launch a website, host a few workshops and maybe even apply to turn it into a non-profit.

For now, I've compiled a few photographs below and will journal the journey for all to see.

Keep on keepin' on kids!

Casha Doemland1 Comment