It's Time For An Update Folks


Good evening folks, it’s approximately 8:30 pm in Los Angeles and your girl is currently at the end of a whirlwind with the busiest time of my year nearing its end. One thing I noticed throughout the last 5 to 6 months that I’ve neglected to blog or share my story, is my sheer lack of writing (outside of work) in general. It's not something I am particularly proud of, which is why I have yet to address it in the public eye. Nor is something I can excuse, even with the chaos that has consumed my life.

I subleased my old room in my apartment at the end of the month, and basically moved in with Jack temporarily for a few months until I signed a lease at my new place – if you've ever tried hunting for a home in Los Angeles, or a major metropolitan city, then you understand the sheer amount of time this takes.

I went full-time at Dieline, which marks the first time I've been full-time since I first moved to Los Angeles. As we're gearing up for the annual conference and awards ceremony in Chicago, things have bu-bu-busy.

Jack met all of the Aunties and Uncles on my mom's side in a family reunion in Las Vegas, which just warmed my heart dearly.

I, impulsively, purchased a 1983 Honda Nighthawk last month that is in mint condition for a freaking STEAL. She's honestly so beautiful, and throughout the last month, I've taken mini-lessons from Jack, completed (and passed) my Motorcycle Training Course with the CHP and gotten my license to ride. It's been a wild ride (literally), and I am still getting comfortable riding my motorcycle, but I'm very much looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead.


I've taken a small step back from We Are Phenomenal over the last month and a half as I just don't have the headspace to give it the full attention it deserves, I plan to return back to 1-2 interviews mid-May after the conference.

I also have built up my list of publications to pitch, and what I'm going to pitch, so I plan to start shooting those emails out – probably sooner than later. So, that's exciting.

I've fallen deeper into my yoga practice and am prioritizing my health.

I spoke on a podcast for We Take Note and discussed the importance of taking care of Mother Earth and self-love with a fellow, badass woman.

I trekked to Joshua Tree for a weekend of adventure and modeled in two Winc photoshoots – which were both a blast.

I've done a few more clean-ups, both individually and with friends, which is something I plan to keep a consistent part of my life, especially with Allies of Mother Earth.

Yeah, those are the highlights.

Keep on keepin’ on!

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