183 Days

Zion National Park- en route to California 

Zion National Park- en route to California 

Good afternoon champs!  

Last night at dinner, I realized that six months ago I packed up my baby blue Honda civic and cruised across the country to create a new life for myself. No, I was not running away from something, rather I was running full speed ahead at my dreams and the life I had always aspired to live.  I’ll be candid with you; I am continuously dumb founded at where I landed and the events that took place to get me here. If someone would have outlined the journey it took to get where I am today and placed it directly in front of me, I would call bullshit almost immediately. I kid you not, I have had a roller coaster ride of a time and I am grateful for each and every lesson I have learned and the amount of personal growth I have experienced. I have no regrets and if I had the option to restart, I would do everything the exact same way.  

So, what have I learned over the past six months?

Compassion and softness are my greatest strengths, but can also serve as my greatest weaknesses.  

It is 100% okay to say no.  

Additionally, it is 100% okay to ask for help. No one expects you to go at the world alone. 

Los Angeles is a city of who you know with a hint of what you know for the what aspect can be learned.

It is not your job to fix everyone; you can offer love and support without letting it consume your life or weighing heavy on your shoulders and your heart.

There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. With that being said, it is important to learn how to be alone. Discover the world located within yourself, cope with what you are suppressing and accept the lessons you know in your heart to be true. 

Get out of your head! You are constantly standing in your own way. 

You can take an online course for just about any skill. 

Respect is earned, not given. 

Los Angeles does not play with parking tickets and will in fact tow your car if you do not read the signs properly. 

Airplanes are not as scary they appear and can take you to the most beautiful cities in the world. 

It is okay to breakdown sometimes, no one expects you to always have your shit together. 

Practice does in fact make perfect, or at least comes close.

Manifestos are the shit and can make magic happen!

Aspiring to be a well-known writer is a totally acceptable and attainable dream; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

You can sneak fried chicken with two sides of mash potatoes into a movie theater. Now that’s what I call dinner and a show.

It is important to have a solid support system. 

Meditation can do wonders. 

There are racks on racks of lessons I have learned over the past six months, some are minute and others hold more weight; no matter which, each lesson is important. I would to love share each and every last one with you, but we all know the content of the blog would be too long and eyes would wander away from the page. Just know that life is a series of lessons camouflaged by the ups and downs. Keep on keepin’ on champs!  


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