Photo courtesy of BUNCH Magazine

Photo courtesy of BUNCH Magazine

As creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, we are constantly hustling. Based on your company or brand, your hours of operation vary, but most of us are at it all day, all night and all weekend. 

When we aren’t working, we’re doing the best we can to carve out time for ourselves, whether we’re out with friends, hiking early in the morning or taking a weekend getaway. Basically trying to find the healthy work/life balance. Lucky for us, we have smartphones to ease the burden, the stress and the worry. Below are six apps guaranteed to make life a little bit easier and give you extra time to breathe and kick back. 

Skip the email and phone tag with Calendly. Have clients book meetings, drinks and lunches directly through the app or in the synchronized website by selecting the exact time and dates you have listed available within your calendar. 

Allows additional cloud storage for photographs, files, links and events, and you can share everything with the click of a button. Not only is the app great for your phone, but you can download it to your laptop and work from anywhere. 

You tell Flux what time you would like to go to bed and it shifts the hues on your screen to help you sleep and ensure your circadian rhythms aren’t offset. After all, we all deserve a good night’s rest before returning to the grind. 

Instapaper allows you to save articles and web pages in an easily accessible area, and there’s now a Chrome extension so you can access your readings anywhere. 

Xero Tax Touch
The Tinder of taxes, swipe right for business and left for personal expenses. Xero Tax Touch is recommended by financial planners as a way to easily sort your finances and write-offs for the year. The app is free and has a low monthly subscription rate. 

Google Drive
A one-stop shop where Dropbox meets Microsoft.  Google Drive offers docs, sheets, slides and forms, all of which include templates to start from. Additionally, with 15 GB worth of free online storage where you can keep anything and everything, from photos to AI files and PDFs. You can view your Drive on your phone, laptop or tablet, and share files and folders to view, download and collaborate. 


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