If you’re lacking inspiration and need a little extra motivation to jump start your new career or passion project, treat yourself to one of the rad business conferences below. 

1. Field Trip February
23rd-27th in El Captain Canyon, CA
“It’s a collective festival where art + soul meet body + mind.”
Field Trip is a five day event dedicated to photographers, videographers, designers and art directors. Days are reserved for workshops and classes while evenings are filled with activities that will bring out your inner child. Fun fact: Field Trip allows you to bring along your spouse and children! 

2. Create + Cultivate
May 6th-7th in New York, NY
“A movement for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams.”
Creative + Cultivate is a one day conference with 50 speakers and 500 creative women. The main focus of the conference it to “entertain, enlighten and inform creative women around key topics surrounding the digital space, entrepreneurship and life as a modern woman.” Every conference is kicked off with a cocktail party as networking and building relationships are core values at Create + Cultivate. 

3. The Unique CAMP
May 18th-21st in Big Bear, CA
“Business conferences suck so we reinvented them!” 
CAMP is about letting your walls down and connecting with talented individuals from all around the country. It’s about learning more about yourself and making connections with people who want to help push you forward in your career and in life. It’s four days technology free with a group of 200 strangers who will transform into lifelong friends and colleagues. 

September 21st-22nd in Nashville, TN
“Part instruction. Part challenge. All inspiration.”
STORY is a two day conference for creatives who gravitate towards impacting and influencing the culture in which they live, work and play. The attendees wish to change the world with the art they create and the goal of the conference is bring forward the inspiration. If you cannot attend the annual conference, STORY also offers local gatherings and workshops! 

5. Summit
November 3rd-6th in Los Angeles, CA
“A new world’s fair.”
This year, Summit will take over downtown LA’s century-old theaters, grand hotels and eightieth floor rooftops. The three day conference will focuses on intellectual discourse, musical performances, art, culinary experiences, wellness and recreation and impact. Each element will foster deeper levels of engagement and inspiration. Summit is a well known conference that requires an invitation, however you can request an invite on their website. 


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